Monday, September 25, 2006

a road less travelled

Its unimagineable at any stage that one might assume anything linear about life. Life is many things. And even though ones perception might engage a road ahead with blinkers on, the reality remains multi-dimensional and filled with approaches and influences, bouncing back and fro like a rubberized object of some thought-out game of strategy that almost always disperses a number of surprises ahead of time. Inevitably the plan is constantly altered. A flexible dynamic, misleading the misled. The challenge of reinvention is a constant threat to complacency. That is, of course, unless we blindly choose to ignore it. Then complacency is a bitter transition to self-destruction on a road of broken-spirited disappointment, fear, pain and anger.

The reward at the end of it all is a mangled soul carried up to absolutely any heaven other than the hell of a time on earth.

Unless the road is a less-travelled one.

Then, the traveller can rest at a destiny sweeter than the most heightened soul can construe!


zee said...

take the road less travelled...if only we could break out of our comfort zones huh?

PS: uve been tagged. chek out my site for more:)

kimya said...

heLLo again Zee :P

note to all SuperZee fans.. comment number 23 on the sweetsmelling post is an eXclusiVe interview with Zee!!

sIgH- and i would be so lUckY!


Haider Droubi said...

nice blog

kimya said...

hi there haider..

thnx for dropping by..
i had a peek into ur blog world and made a note to visit soon again:) was especially intrigued by ur identity post on Watani!

kind regards and best wishes..

mish said...

do you remember robert frost's poem: "the road less travelled"?

kimya said...

hmm.. dont think i remember it but i would love to read iT!!!
plz mail me a copy if u have one, or im going to do a search for it :)
thnx u..