Monday, October 16, 2006

20 SoMeThInG

I just had my fifteen seconds of fame moment.
Ok. It was a good ten minutes of air time, and it was such a blast!
Nomhla Ndhluvu, Today we are going to be successful. Lol. This is the name of the presenter of etv's TwentySomething.
I was the guest. Not Kimya, Me. :) Shafinaaz.
The show aired Sunday 15th Oct. at 12 noon, and re-runs continue all week as per tv guides.
It all started from a chance and spontaneous phone call from dear sweet Nazia. Out in the UK. Cardiff to be precise. Settling in for her year of being a student once again. She's taken a year sabbatical off her day job as a medic, in order to undertake postgrad Medical Law.
Passionate, beautiful, brainy lady!
But, it is her captivating talent as a writer that begs appreciation!
After cradling her manuscript to her bossom for close to six years,
nurturing it and adorning it with her repetoire of thought and emotion,
she finally published Salaamat under the title, House of Peace in 2005.
In under five months the first print of 1000 copies sold out. If its rewarding to see ones work find fruition than, I assure you its an absolute joy to be a spectator of such a scene for myself, as a friend whose heard the long laments and fervent hopes over the years.
So. When Red Pepper Productions called her up looking to have the ground-breaking book reviewed, she called me up and asked me if I would do it.
Ok, actually she got this cute capetonian voice to call me. :P
I said, please cant we do it on radio??//// NOT TV!!!
But we did. Me and my entourage. Mish especially!!! Gleeful, beautiful cute little Mish. (and Mobeen?) And DnG. And Mum. And my GPS navigation, for taking me by the hand and finding this Red Pepper to which we were invited. *SneeZe*
And to Thabane and the team, Paul the Flirt with the sPywAre (No idea what its called, but you wear a sound-mic and a little radio pack on ur belt). And the cameramen who thought we was giggling a bit too much. Nomhla made me!
And no thanks to the Noddies, guys!!! After the interview they make you nod your head attentively for a few seconds. Wierd! No Noddy Badge there! Lol.
Oh and the fact that they spelt my surname wrong.
I should have just said Kimya. KISS.
That applies to you too, Mushtaq :P
But read the book! Do. It is, as I said, a book with human element,
warm, colourful characters and a treatise of passionate, spectacular lives.
And its about family, and the greater good.
And its about my friend with a heart of sunshine gold.
So much for objectivity, hey!
Read my review in the February archive: House of Peace.
Read more about House of Peace from my Links


Anonymous said...

hEwOw hEwOw!


My shafskins ws loOkin shOoOo pweDdy! :-) U wer rele rele briLLiant hun bun! MmWah!
tym to prepare 4 celebratiOnz.

Hehe ;-)

luv u lOtz!


Anonymous said...

Hey.. U were gr8!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say you were great on Tv, the interview was good, u were very eloquent. It was really exciting watching someone we knew on telly. Take care.

M, N and N.

Anonymous said...

No need to sigh...
U were gr8.
Ali got so excitd when she saw u


Anonymous said...

I was thoroughly impressed!
You handled that interview like you were born to do it.
I know those studios with the bright lights can be a bit daunting.

When do you start hosting your own Talk-Show "Hey, Oprah?"

RaWaT :)

Nazia Peer said...

When Thabane called, there was only one person i had in mind. A beautiful, well-spoken, intelligent, witty genius-YOU.U were brilliant and Allah(swt) has blessed me with a friend like u and the world with someone to be proud of.I am so proud to say I am your friend. Love u stax. Hugs

kimya said...

Oh wow, guys!

My heart overflows!

Thank u!

Fati: ur an angel! u make me smile, kiddo!
Thnx all.. Rawat? Im not Oprah.. Im just Me :P

Nazia Peer: Im incredibly proud of you! Missing you. Hope we can make direct queries to you regarding House of Peace. Watch this space,k.

zee said...

u were awesome kimya...urrr, i mean shafinaaz!

U got the personality for TV!

So when u doing it again?????? :)

kimya said...


zee.. u said u gna go out and get the book! let us know wat u think once uv read it,k!

thnx 4 the compliment:)

Anonymous said...

miss Haseem, is this your stage surname;) i can't believe u didn't say anything about me, guess u wanted all the lime light for yourself:) just jokes:)


Anonymous said...

Despite the marvels of modern technology, I have still not managed to see the show! But that's not the purpose of my visit to this blogspot. To travel 6 hours to shoot a 10 minute insert speaks volumes about somebody's commitment to a friendship. That's bloody marvellous to me. Thank you.

The cute Capetonian voice

PS Go out and buy a copy of the book. And be sure to visit in about a week from now.

kimya said...

Mushtaq, you do exaggerate so!
The very familiar drive was just a hop, skip and a jump away and nOt sIx hours! Lol.

The next re-run is at 2:55am.
Set ur alarm! :P

not so sure about commitment, cos iv been told im phObic, but love it is:) if i was a gUy, you might have some sEriOus competition on ur hands! ;)

Ruby :) said...

Oh schucks.. I forgot about it completely.. Sorry... Will def. check up on when the reruns are...
sounds like you were great, Well done... Hope i can get to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

fLirting wit da cAmeras, heyyyyyyy!!!


jokes aside, you have a fabulous mind, lady_georgous!

keep shining, keep smiling/
or was it the other way around?

South African Indian Chef said...

Hey shafs ..
Cool blog and thanks for linking my blog here.

See you soon ..
Abdur Rahim Tayob

mish said...

see shafs, told you it was a hit :)
at least i get to see you this way.

nazia: heard lots about you, congrats on the book! really looking forward to reading it :)

kimya said...

ruby: catch it if u can :) but in case u dont.. please read the book :P

miss huggies: u think i was flirting wit the camera? lol

hey rayms: ur welcome!

lol@mish.. thnx u!

saaleha said...


i managed to catch the last bit of that!

well done!

Ruby :) said...

You gotta love the TV on Dstv... I checked up when 20something was on again, and it was on at 4;30 am, so, I watched it after Fajy salaah.. and i was really glad that i did.. you were awesome Shaf... very impressive.. definitely going to add House of Peace onto my "books to buy" list..
well done !!! btw. Mish did i great job , you looked stunning!

Anonymous said...

hehe...looks like ruby and i had the same idea.
you looked lovely and i was really impressed :)
the book sounds great, but i couldn't find it on kalahari :(
so i'll have to wait until i get to jhb and go haunt exclusive books.

kimya said...

hey,thnx for the compliments from the blogging divas :) saals, ruby and green-eyes :P

Ruby, the problem with DSTV is that it had us all thinking that Sundays show was playing at 130pm and last minute realisations that it was on at noon!

and the book is available at all mainstream book stores in the major cities, jhb, pta, dbn, cpt, etc. not sure about the book buyer websites though..

once we've all read it, we can get nazia to join us in a discussion/critique/analysis of the topics we find most pertinent and or controversial.

Lady said...

can i have your autograph plz? :)

kimya said...

a cute request from yet anOther bloGGin diVa! *giggles*

lady.. with pleasureeeee!



Lady said...

you're absolutely charming, dah-ling
*gives u a missed kiss on each cheek*

Bilal said...

Hey, I missed it!
Anyone recorded it:)

Eid Mubarak to you and your family!