Monday, October 23, 2006

Finding Joy in the Spirit of Eid

I remember Eid, when we were really little.. New clothes, new pj's, fun and festivity in the neighbourhood, us kids running around house to house, our excited crowd of little people gathering momentum both in size, and noise factor :) Goodies to be got at every door, and endless questions: Mummy, is it Eid tomorrow? Can we wear the new shoes? Will we visit papa tomorrow. Papa, my moms grandfather, would have a shiny coin and some toffees for each of us. He was a tall man with a tall antique wooden closet that held mysterious odd things and most important of all, sweeties! I still wonder about the mysterious other things, and those moments are a distant memory filled only with smells and sensations. And the eiddie from uncles would always add up to a treasure enough to make a delightful trip to the toy store after lunch and endless nagging until we got there. Money exchanged for some or other fanciful item. The joy of a new gift casting beaming smiles on all the little faces in the house, each showing their toys around to all remotely interested. The matching clothes and shoes and hair goodies. And the photo sessions making us feel like little models, giggling uncontrollably at the attention. So many things.. to tantalise the tastebuds and the senses.
But years bring change. And the world of the grown ups is oh-so-different. Some faces are gone off to far off lands, some are near and yet so far. Some are just no more. And , inevitably, some of the magic is lost.

And yet, theres also plenty love to go around, it seems. New babies, old memories and tons of ice cream and the like to soothe the sweet tooth types. Hugs and smiles ands oohs and aahs, and even if its momentary bliss, its new memories adding to the love biography of families, meant to be treasured onward as the years fly by. Something dear and something deep for young and old, may the love always flow as rose scented waters, fragrant and calming to the troubled stormy rivers. And may they flow into an endless ocean of eternal peace and tranquility for all who seek such joy in the spirit of Eid.
Eid Kareem! Wishing one and all an Eid of Pleasure and a Life of Beauty..
With Love and Peace


Bilal said...

know what i miss the most? all the eidi we used to get:)
now i only dish out- with my HUGE family, it costs a fortune:-P

Ruby :) said...

oh .. to be young again.. Its funny how Eid has evolved over the years hey.. or maybe we just getting too old.. and i agree with Bilal, miss the money the most :(

kimya said...

lol.. yeah totally miss the eiddieee and the tOy shOppin afterward.. i mean i do spoil myself but that was so something else :)

thing is.. Eid has evolved.. or have we?