Sunday, October 08, 2006

Waves of Chocolate, Slopes of Snow

So. Here I am.. wind rushing through my loosened hair,
falling around my shoulders in waves of chocolate..
Standing at the precipice ready to join the slalom..
crowds cheering.. shouting waving..
I finally make the effort only to find that I'm skiing downslope with the breaks on!
My knees hurt. My eyes burn. The wind rushes by mocking me, teasing me, taunting me.
Silly me.
It would make sense to just return to the desolate shack.
But looking back, I see the wind uproot its silly sides,
and turn the corrugated roof into a boomerang.
Flying overhead I see it was nothing more than a makeshift poster reading:
Untold Mysteries of UnBold Miseries.
Glad its gone. The housekeeping was tiring me out.
But now the elements surrounding me, ask of deeper things.
Engage and surrender. Surrender and be one.
Sunshine, snow, wind and rain.
All at once, begging my attention.
Rains cleansing and replenishing me. Winds defining me.
And this sunshine making me smile so silly.
Unstoppable elation.
Feeling free from all the fired ferocities,
I rejoin the glorious
nature-enthralled and become oNe with
the sLoPes of snOw!


Ruby :) said...

brilliant.. loved the description. Makes me want to view the world from high above!!!

kimya said...

experience is heightened by the emotions that flow inside us ;)

mine is a zeSt for life..

mish said...

this is why i'm leaving the blogging up to you :)

i think this one's my favorite beause instead of feeling detached while reading it, i get lost in the emotion...

btw, shall we tell them now????

kimya said...


patience, dearie...

Ruby :) said...

tell us what??? Kim and mish, are u keeping a secret from us all? I hate secrets and can never stand the suspense, so, please, please please tell ALL ... besides, patience is over-rated...

zee said...

you see now I'm really jealous. you so good at creative

*zee thinks to himself: "why can't I be creative like that"

really impressive kim.

that being said, now its my turn to ask u da interpretation of things- whilst I understand it partially, what is it actually bout?wat were the experiences that gave u the inspiration to write it?

mish said...

ok i'll tell!!!

i can't take the pressure :)

watch etv sun 15 oct, 1:30m - '20 something :-)

kim: the rest of your secrets are safe with me, promise! (only let this 1 out of the bag :)

kimya said...


Mish, ur tOo muCh!
As it is we're not totally sure about the time, 12:30 or 1:30.
Havnt had time to check. The show is a review on a ground-breaking book called House of Peace by Dr.Nazia Peer. I also have a written review on this blog in my February 2006 archives.

And Zee, lol.. two many compliments gna go to my hEad, kiddo! I always feel like life presents me with amazing opportunities and as of late, Iv been taking the slopes a bit my words..skiing with the breaks on.. In order to really be One with the Slopes and enjoy every bit of lifes experiences, Im thinking its a plan to let go of any inhibitions..
Only then can we be part of the few who are truly enthralled by all that 'nature'- the environment, etc, has to offer.

What do u think?

Z said...


zee said...

in theory yes:) but how many of us can let all our inhibitions go?

think about it...we've been moulded into thinking and acting the way society or culture demands us to act. by letting go of ALL INHIBITIONS would also mean ruffling some feathers along the way and depending on your attitude towards ppl, u may or may not be able to accomplish this.

that being said...its a worthy goal!:)