Friday, November 24, 2006

Let me Cry!

Let Me Cry...

Let my heart overflow with all that it has collected

over these months and years...

Let these Tears wash ashore the wretched debris;

This Shipwreck, a Burden that gorges at Life in the Ocean of my Heart.

Let it Go!

Let me cry so that I can let it all go.

Let my tears free me from this anguish

of holding on to nothing,

expecting to find none.

Let me Let Go.


Anonymous said...

Taking the first stand on the soapbox, I have zilch to say.
I plan on just observing a moments silence.

Silent Sam

kimya said...


the good thing about having a morbid moment is that things can only get better.. im on the up n up, sam, so lose the silence its kewl!

aah, ulike my sOapBox? i made it myself.. painted it brite blue too!
or is that rEd.. anyway, just had me a baD day, and i be just A-okay!


Dreamlife said...

looks green to me. lime green. i like lime green.

you're right though, that sometimes we NEED to let it all go. can't always be "ok" and can't pretend that we always are.

emotional breakdowns and times or endless tears are natural...they're a good thing, and perfectly healthy i think.

don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

kimya said...


ur rite.. it is green! lol.. i was a bit blinded by my tears for a while, *sigh*.. having a moment of despair, sorry state of affairs we sometimes find ourselves in.. but pity me nOt, im like a bud of new beginnings! thank you though, for such kind, sweet words, my friend. i can always count on you for such re-assurance, i kno :)

im truly blessed to be surrounded by friends like you, alhamdulillah

Faraz said...

Not all tears need be of sorrow.

kimya said...

tears of joy have been the rain of many a blessed moment too :)

and they;r accompanied by sunshine smiles, painted rainbows and the inevitable pot of gold :P

zee said...

letting go is good...great actually...if u can do it.

i have yet to meet a man that can claim to have accomplished that in its true sense.

PS: i oso like the soapbox:)))))

kimya said...

hey zee :)

welcome back from wherever u'v been hiding!

letting go is easier said than done/ of all the things that immobilise us from making progressive growth choices..
but not impossible, as im discovering:)

Lady said...

i like :)
i'll getya a share in kleenex? :P