Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shes the Man!!!

I just got home from a premiere showing of the new movie Shes the Man..

Totally enjoyed it!!! Its a modern version, semi adaptation of Shakespeares, Twelfth Night, for anyone whose interested.. And a round of entertainement for soccer fans out there :P



zee said...

now kim i know u ejoyed it...but would i? what ye think????

of course im in the dorp so may not get to watch it...but hey! i like to have the option ok!

kimya said...

hello zee.. i think u might just like it :) becos i have this idea in my head that ur not all that close minded *lol*


Anonymous said...

shes the man, hes the woman!
wats this world coming to!

anon is and always will be the one and only!

kimya said...

it was fun, feel good stuff, and i think i liked the references to the original script of Shakespeares Twelfth Night., Complete with Viola nad Sebastian and Horatio and soccer team names as per town names in the original, etc etc etc..

and i had great company, so maybe it was that too :P

aaaah aNoN... its U!!!

Ruby :) said...

oh, i loved twelfth night, so will def. try to go and watch this one.. thanks

kimya said...

was a burst of fun time positive energy :) njoy!

Anonymous said...

its not on circuit yet? i tried gettin a peek at the reviews over this weekend! watup? ur dad got them to play it just for you or wattt?? :P


kimya said...

lol.. its not out yet, until this weekend, i think.. was a premiere showing for some random platinum movie goers.. and i was invited by some friends.. not directly invited, etc. hmm, y be dragging me poor sweet ol dad into the foray :P

Faraz said...

Assalamu'alaykum... was looking back at some old comments on my site, and found you. :)

I used to be a huge Shakespeare fan, so I'm somewhat picky about any movie adaptations that stray too far from the original premise. I caught "She's the Man" on a plane once, and thought it was okay in that it was clear that it wasn't really trying to follow the play very closely. I think they said it was "inspired" by Twelfth Night, rather than claim to be an adaptation of it. Not my type of movie, but it did make me laugh on occasion.

kimya said...

hi faraz.. Hmm.. You know how i remember you? Thanks to your Calvin n Hobbes graphic! :))

Shes the Man scores points for entertainment, not much for screen academic merit.. and as said, turned out to be a seMi-adaptation aka inspiration drawing from Twelfth Night. Feel Good seems to have been the overall intention, and i think thats what i got :P

Tnx 4 droppin by :)

Dew said...

Heya! I watched that movie and it was hilariuos. I absolutely loved it.

I loved the part when the ball hit her in her err.. and anyway her delayed reaction was oh too cute.

I sent my guy friend to watch it and while his freinds were not too impressed, he found it to be hilarious.