Saturday, December 23, 2006

sWayiNg diZzy

im swaying between these moments of grating thought and insipid emotion,
verbal vein strung dry after a barrage of rants and raves, dizzy.

swaying dizzy to the core.


in a semi-dream state,
a nightmare overrides the script..

the whats and what-ifs render clues

and this dizzy debt derides my daring to dream.


singleguyct said...

I like the alliteration in the last line.

Anonymous said...


i look forward to your new posts:)

but it helps if they can be understood

lol i am not blaming you, but myself!

you always have a way with words

nice going! have a lekka weekend!

kimya said...

hi SG..

alliteration worked to weather the wave of emotions running through my mangled mind at the time this little piece flowed from fingers to keyboard :P

i always find this sort of thing happen when my minds really muddled/ once again a cathartic piece to unload the negative.

PS- all chooosers of the anOn label :) i really dont mind the choice to remain anonymous on this sOaPbOx, but plz plz at least gimme a clue as to who u might be?
even if its an sms! im an interactive gal and its easier having an idea:) ta,thnx!

deadcrab said...

This Thing Takes Time To Take-in, Makes My Mind Muddled,
Deadcrabs Dont Dig Dis Deep. :p

bibi-aisha said...

the what-if's just aren't worth wondering about. all we have is whats real. i empathise totally with poem as im currently going crazy with my own mind spinning me dizzily into realms of confuzzledom.

Anonymous said...

*a secret admirer*

lol dont stress lady! my sms was meant to give you a clue and not totally ruin the mystery. but ur smarter than i thought!

love reading your spin on emotional stuff


kimya said...


Thats so kewl.. a mixture of alliteration and if u set ur lines right, i believe you have urself a haiku!!! almost or quite.. lets see :P

bibi:- i agree, and im not as regret-ridden as the post suggests, alhamdulillah.. but being human and sittin around at odd hours of the morning does tend to amplify the train runnin thru ones mind somewhat.. tc

MS: lol - no comment!

Anonymous said...

hello shafs

you know what i think.. especially after the chat we had, i think you take it upon yourself to waft that magic wand of yours and hope it makes everything right for everyone. and what of you? you make deriding debt your burden by choosing to make things alright. and you forget sometimes that you are human. or maybe you dont. second guessing you reply to this makes me reconsider, but still...just think bout what i say here ok! give up the superwoman attitude. if this is not working for you, let it go.

kimya said...

i kno u mean well, but dont u think thats just a wee bit over-dramatic? gosh its almost turning this little comment stream into a washing line :P

i dont ever mind advice but i still think its a bit on the harsher side of sunshine. lol.

it was bad, its sorted.


kimya said...

oh and the deriding debt is non-fiscal :P

burdensome self-conscious emotions just tend to overflow and drown out the healthier answers, but theyre not impossible to retrieve.
these are discoveries that im quite glad to be making!