Friday, January 05, 2007

happy newness:)

happy newness to all who have the courage to seek progress..
happy sweetness to all who need to discard the bitter aftertaste of lifes little knocks..
and happy greatness to all who would dare take their unique abilities and expand and enlarge them in the reflective mirror
of self assurace and confidence :)
happy new year!


deadcrab said...

..and happy feet to all those who wear comfortable shoes.. :P

kimya said...


dats so cute!

thanks mister crab, im sure theres many who might strive to attain such luxurious living :P

Anonymous said...

happy sweetness to u too shafs


Anonymous said...

HaPpY NEWness, Kim!

ur fan

the one and only:

Master XVI

kimya said...

thank u all

lets hope year 007 is many memorable and emotional things, and that we're dramatically shaken and/or stirred by its events!