Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Cruelty of The Paper Cut

I am convinced, beyond redemption, that the nasty paper cut was designed by the most regressive of fates anti-angels. And for what reason? I believe I have just discovered that:-
Control! Control of ones every thought, movement and emotion! And to add to insult, the point of injury: my Mxit finger!
And so. Here lies the remnants of a once interactive soul. Bound to the grave of communicative silence by a thumb damaged in the innocent process of turning the pages of discovery.
Such be the sacrifice. The core result of seeking sustenance for a beleagured mind. Searching in words written on the pulp of severed trees. The tree pulps bitterness of battle carried on in pages, avenged on a simple seeker: my Mxit finger!


deadcrab said...

Such intolerable cruelty!!!

yet, maybe a silver lining ...perhaps a chance to get in touch with your ambidextrous side?? :P

Anonymous said...


kimya said...

oh my goSH, crab! to suggest such a thing!

im certainly not a disloyal lady!

i shall stay faithfully (attached) beside the Mxit finger until it regains its former glory!


saaleha said...

death by papercut - the title of a short story i'll write someday.

Anonymous said...

papercuts are really not funny! i have the battle scars to prove. and just wen you think its just a finger, the papercuts reminds you that your whole world can come to a stop just with one little finger!
who says you dont have the power to move the world in one finger!

try it!

kimya said...

@saals: i shudder to think on that one!

@anon: the power of the finger is scary, i tellya!

Dreamlife said...

maybe you should wear a thimble, to avoid any future mis-haps....its like a helmet for your thumb ;)

kimya said...

lol@ helmet!!!

so is that like Biker-Finger in black leather or F1 Finger in full read regalia?/ :P

Yours Truly,

kimya said...

make that RED regalia, ala F1 :)

deadcrab said...

didn't wendy give peter a thimble to make it all better?? :P

bibi-aisha said...

I am in awe of ur literary prowess. Isnt it amazin how a tiny paper cut hurts more than a big cut?

kimya said...

mister crab: ur quite right :)

bibi aisha: ur too kind with such a compliment! im honoured especially, to hear such words from a (more than) equally talented writer as urself :) thank you.

SingleGuy said...

Death By PaperCut.

I have a few ideas about that Saaleha:

1. It could be a lovestory, and the papercut could be figurative.
A papercut throught the heart.

2. It could be a revenge and retribution story where the protagonist bleeds to death by a John Wayne Bobbit inspired papercut...

3. Or it could be a Forensic Crime Story where the victim dies by insanguination due to multiple stratetigiclly placed papercuts....Or... I like this one better...only one papercut, but the paper is covered with Staphylococcus and the victims dies by Toxic Shock Syndrome.

What you think?

kimya said...

OhMyGoSh!!! ToXic sHoCk sYndrOme?!

Thanks alot SG!
Now Im going to have nightmares about having another PaperCut :(

Im barely recovered from the trauma of the one that inspired these ramblings!!!


*deepLy disTreSsed dAmseL*

Faraz said...


Ouch! I'm searching for some metaphoric interpretation of this poem, but keep coming back to the actual pain of a little paper cut! Still, wonderful poem. It takes a talented poet to extract such moving words from a trivial thing like paper cuts.

kimya said...

thnx Faraz..

i was inspired not by whatever (hidden) talent i might possess, but deeply MOVED to WRITE this piece by PURE UNPLEASaraBLe PAIN!!!