Monday, January 22, 2007

Rumi in Love

When I touch the ground in prayer
I have no other purpose
but You.
all else i speak about
gardens, flowers, nightingales, whirling
is only an excuse.


singleguy said...

understanding poetry is usually a lost cause for me, I'm very much more a logic, methodical guy. This however is self-explanatory.

Anonymous said...


i remember this one, kimmi

makes my mind whirl, its so beautiful!

the ultimate Love..

kimya said...

thats right, SG, explanatory it is, but words still fall short of the absoluteness of the Love felt/aspired to, inshallah.. anon: this is the Ultimate, so true.. and any other form of love no matter its intensity and sincerity, pales in comparison..

wen i touch my forehead to the ground its the highest form of humility because i Love Him with every fibre of my being..

i am because He Is.

Anonymous said...

shafs make duah for me!

i got some stuff going on that i need to finally sort out.

will message you soon,ok!!

thanxs for the rumi inspirations!

i love them:)

Saaleha said...

if only we could cut ourselves loose from ourselves and feel it - just once.

kimya said...

sometimes, the Self is a just a little paperboat tethered to the burdened, self-conscious, socialself.. its easier said but oh-so-freeing to untie that knot of derision and truly feel the glory of this Love.. it isnt too far away i might add. just dig deep into ur heart and He will reveal to you!

the danger to disappointment is in assuming that any form of human love might live up to this Higher Love :)

Bilal said...

rumi said it, and he meant it.
we say the words, but mean nothing!

kimya said...

so true, bilal.. so very true..

may Allah guide us to Truth and Honest living..