Friday, January 12, 2007

Relevant Irrelevance

I was just thinking about what I want to be when I grow up, and since this is a flexible and dynamic thing with me, since about age two point three eight or thereabouts, Im kinda getting the hang of its creative possibilities. So, today I decided, that when I grow up, I want to be a Zee. Make that a SuperZee :p
I was reading one of the blogs that I quite enjoy (aside from Zee's blog which has been sorely neglected as of late) and I decided to do a Zee: i.e to share it with the blogosphere... especially because the newest of the current stream is worth a read as soon as possible. Its called Of Premieres, Prairies and Prayers. About the airing of a new sitcom of sorts called 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'. Would be interesting to see something of that sort aired out in South Africa, and to see the dialogue engaged in by local spectators.
Read the thoughts of a bone fide Calvin & Hobbes fan, Faraz, a Canadian Muslim at


deadcrab said...

"age two point three eight" ... interestin counting the years in decimals there hey...

omg wait *lightbulb* ...Kimya, could it be that you are in actual fact the Vodacom baby?!?! Make every second count!! :P

kimya said...


i am sO the vodacom baby!!!

my mom says that all the time cos i was born at 28 weeks or summing insanely over-enthusiastic like that :P

Anonymous said...

aaah, ur post should read of premieres, prayers and prem.babies :-p

Faraz said...

Thanks for the link Kimya!

The first episode of the show has been put up on YouTube. It's divided into four parts.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

kimya said...

Hey Faraz..

Thanks for the YouTube LInk! :)

Keep Well/


Ruby :) said...

hey sunshine
just dropping in to say hi.. you've been a busy blogger hey.
hope u well

kimya said...

hey Ruby RuBes :)

and you have been a misSing blogger, miSsy!

am gr8 thnks/

n thnks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...


Interesting Review and commentary at Faraz' blog. Will leave my comments after I have had a chance to see the videos.

Ciao-- MS

Anonymous said...

How did you come up with the two point three eight! That was really funny!

kimya said...

random two point three eight i spose :P it flowed from fingers to keyboard.. i guess it was meant that way, so maybe i just knew.



mish said...

just stopped by to say hi, call u soon :-)

Anonymous said...

what makes random relevance irrelevant, and what renders irrleevance, relevant?

theres a riddle for you to reason with or against :-p

kimya said...

hey mish!

my my this is turning out some nice returns and sweet surprises for Y-007

RiddLer.. Reason is a riddle itself :) and relevance or irrelevance take their turns on the upside of the coins of fate and choice.