Friday, February 23, 2007

The Divine Guide

Fumbling in the dark
a thirsty beggar,
seeking light
I amble on,
tiny eyes mesmerized
by the twinkling
lights in the distance
promising more than momentary
sparkle to existence.
Every day a cyclists mundane path,
dotted along by sweet smelling flowers
and the trendy pebbles, smiling gems of wonder.

Once in a while
I might even stop to play
with these to find to my delight,
a rare inspiration
from the divine garden..
Once in a while..
When Life and Time affords.

But oh the day of Glory
when I am able to
bask in the sunshine
of a blessed moment..
when touched
soul to soul
by the spirit of divine love
and then to feel
Guided by the Hand that Leads!
Oh what Glory!
What deep fulfilling measure of
Beauty as I have never known.

I do now.

I do!
He Loves me.
I see it. I feel it.
Sunshine is the sparkle in his eyes
and MoonLight - the radiance of his skin.
Allah Loves me.
His Gifts to me are
boundless. Endless.
Like the yearning Ocean,
the eternal Skye,
the thirsty Desert..
Like Love.
And Breathing.
And the knowledge that

I am spoilt
by these wonders
and these delights.

Destiny unravelled,
reveals a scroll
of pleasures
awaiting my perusal.

I am spellbound!


verbosity said...

"And the knowledge that Love is Breathing"

People do not die without love, its far more insiduous, a lot more painful and a complete torture.

It is possible to breathe, but its just not the way to live. Or die.

Anonymous said...

We all need to be divinly guided.

Some of us just dont know it.


Anonymous said...

For some reason people love to answer rhetorical questions and analyse a mere quote, poem or post. Hehehe

What a beautiful perspective you have found!
And what beautifull words you have for such a beautifull feeling :)

Very nice :)

kimya said...

Breathing is Living is Loving :)
V: Ppl do not die without love, whats worse is that they are the walking dead!

JT: May we all be Divinely Guided and Inspired as we Walk through Life.

TaQdeer: I guess ppl need so desparately to make sense of everything they encounter, even words (or especially words) so they break it down into little bits that make it easier for them to understand from their perspective of life :)

It doesnt always have to correlate with what the artist intends, as you know.. reader/audience interpretations vary :)

Thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

You sound content :-)

And theres a feel of appreciation that I really enjoyed reading in this piece.

Keep Well


diatribe said...

Mush and Sop. But in a good way that made me read all the way to the very end. Awesome the way you can put your words together and say all the stuff you want to say in one breathe! Hehe. Kidding.

A wise lady once told me, keep breathing- everything else is a bonus ;)

Keep up the inspirations dudette!

Farsh said...

Indeed I am spellbound by your artistry...

Journey is but an interval; journey is but
an obstacle.
It is here where existence is.
It is here where extinction is.

kimya said...


N: The source of rejuvenation is in remembering to appreciate the Source of Inspiration.

@Diatribal Dude: Hmm, I did say that didnt I :)) Keep Breathing!

@Farsh: The contradictions about the journey of life make it complete..It is in finding a space between the contradictions in which to make a life that we are fulfilled :)

Faraz said...

Assalamu'alaykum Kimya!

That, I believe, was your best poem thus far. It is refreshing to read a poem about appreciation and love for the blessings Allah has provided us with. Too many poems express sad, disdainful thoughts that deny the hope Allah has prescribed for us. True faith is between fear and hope, and you have very well elucidated the hope part of it. :)

Saaleha said...

I am too, by your words :-)
You've reminded us, that we are all indeed loved, yet we choose to forget. Lyrically written. Well done.

kimya said...

@Faraz: Alhamdulillah! And thank you.. Inspiration is a wheel, no doubt, moved by the Divine :)

@Saaleha: Love is all around, we just have to see it, feel it, be it :) Take Care.

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...


Very well written :)
I like the depth it has and the journey it takes the reader on.


kimya said...

Thnx for the visit Mak; as spiritual beings, our journeys are mirrored somewhat :)

Anonymous said...

nicely written!

very emotional and simple. enough to make one think about where we are and how much we make of life.

qdee said...


kimya said...

ta, anOn :) the objective of posting thoughts and emotions on a blog is so that this public space might engage ppl to think on life, the journey..

@qdee: thnx for the visit and the profoundly peaceful compliment :)