Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A World Devoid...

In a complex turn of life’s events,
my over simplification becomes a rebellion.
Or a long-forgotten project of denial.
Fanaticism is rather more the colour-filled option
of a ranting raving brain
confused and twisted
by the revealing similes
making silken fabric of glorified threads.

Roller ride batter-y.
And a play enacted on the drama
of nonplussed peoples
walking the matrix of the mundane,
trying hard to work a plan of persuasion;
hoping against hope
that the audience will partake
rather blindly to applaud
and be awed by the emptiness.

Scripts unwritten and words unsaid
do nothing to alleviate
the lividness
of grey and bland and tasteless.
People smile and continue
to show fake appreciations
where there should be none.

Feeling nothing,
they keep on moving towards the abyss.
Feeling abysmal
they continue toward nothingness.

Little matters in a world devoid of meaning.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know why comments are referred to as standing on the soapbox

Joe Soap

kimya said...

Slms Joe

Peoples constructive opnions and comments are valued here. So. I present the honourable SoApBoX as a platform from which the speaker might orate!

Think of it as a tribute to communication and freedom of healthy expression :)

As Allah intended for us!

diatribe said...

wow kim!

this reads like lyrics!

eminem go fisH

SingleGuy said...

*finger snaps*

I feel like I should be wearing black turtle necks, a beret and dark glasses. Oh, and I should be drinking litres of espresso....

kimya said...

@diatribe: 'Gone Fishin' :P

@SG: lol!
wateva rocks ur boat, dude!

Anonymous said...

If the world is short of any meaningfulness I hope that it does not color the way every individual views life and the choices ahead!


verbosity said...

I hereby pronounce you a newfound member of the Virtuous Tribe of Verbosity!

Way to Go!

kimya said...

@ Sara: I hear you! Sentiments echoed. Thnx for the visit.

@ The Verb: I am honoured!