Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Different, no?

He asked me the question again tonight..
If I am fulfilled in my life..
And I thought no.
Same question as before, when I also thought no.
But it was a no from thinking
i should trudge on.
It was a no from reading rhetoric
where there should be none.
It was a no because i thought he wanted more for me
and it was a no to make me
Same question
Same worded answer
Different me
Different reason
Different meaning
Different oh-so-very not the same
No. Because now I know.
Me. Fulfilled, is to be me, in me,
with me
as me.
Just me.


r said...

i like this poem/memoir/insight.. not exactly sure why but iv copied it and put it up on my bedroom wall, it speaks to me =)

Farsh said...

Because now I know.
Me. Fulfilled, is to be me, in me,
with me
as me.
Just me.

Absolutely love these lines... I am still trying to figure out who i am?

Anonymous said...

you labelled it as a sad poem, but it actually seems to be hopeful.
finding is un-losing so its a good thing :)

kimya said...

hi r :)
thnks for the visit to my humbled space, and flattered that u can identify; i was quite drained in thought when i wrote this, writing works for me as a form of immediate surgical and neccesitated removal of the stuff that irks :p

and so this was..

the most profound realisations that lead us to the light, come from the depths of dark and dreary tunnels that we only-too-carelessly and freely create for ourselves; but of course theres reason for everything ;)

i found some of me in finding certainty in what me is not!

kimya said...


and hope is the little candle that fights for its tiny breaths in the middle of the clambering darkness that surrounds :)

good on you for seeing it, tho!

Anonymous said...

It is because we know what thorns feel like, that we can love flowers so much.

Being just who you are ma'lady is indeed a flower that outgrows all thorns.

Always be exactly who you are..
..a beautifull flower :)

Anonymous said...

fulfillment is so many things

at least with reflection comes some amount of understanding where we might be going

kimya said...


go to the fields and you shall see, that it is the pleasure of the bee to give honey to the flower :) gibran has rightly sought the answer to this equation, that life is about the bee;s message of love!

SingleGuy said...

*hillbilly accent*
You know kimmie, I'm a simple guy, old-fashioned to the core, and like my paw always told me, you got to call a spade a spade. I don't know much about this new-fangled thing called poetry. But these words you wrote down, them sound like good soundin' words. They just speak heaps to me.

And I knows a good investment when I sees one. So will ya send me an autographed copy of that book you be publishin, 'cause I'm a damn sure you going to be famous, and that darn book gonna be worth somethin someday....

Hell, a signed first edition...I'm just getting all warm inside just thinking about it...

kimya said...


hello SG

i had nO idea u did hillbilly.

or tried to :P

thnx for the compliment, i just received the first proof of Daughters are Diamonds..
we start printing in about a week or less :)

will be sure to let u know about the cpt launch :)

Anonymous said...

go to the fields..

khalil gibran!

reference and complete quote please!!! been eons since i heard that.

Farsh said...


As i am fairly new to your blog, i just stumbled upon "Daughters are diamonds" I had no idea that you were a write too. Please do keep me also updated about the book

bibi-aisha said...

lol sg. i was asking myself the very same thing today...& i truly don't know. in many ways i am, but in a few ways i'm not...

u better send me anvite for jhb launch! i hav dibs on covering it for iol!

Saaleha said...

Beautiful poem. Melancholy, but not really sad. Pensive perhaps. Do we ever realy know who we are? Is it not a case of always simply knowing who you are not? For who we are changes constantly, a restless tide. And who we are not or would never be remains fairly constant.

kimya said...

@anon: i spoke a few words from memory of the gibran piece, will have to go dig up the original asap :)

@farsh: watch this space :)

@bb: mail me ur details pleasssse :)

this is, indeed, the beauty of lifes pperfect circularity :)

deadcrab said...

"Just me." Words I live by :D

Faraz said...

I didn't find this sad; I found them very encouraging. To have faith in oneself, and feel secure in one's personality.

This was great, Kimya. A pleasure to read. :)

kimya said...

@ Just CrabeO: of course! they wouldnt have it any other way down under-the-sea! :P

@ Faraz: Reading positive or negative in something is probably a reflection of peoples own internal mirror :)

Alienlovesecret said...

You think that by being anything but ourselves is unjust as by not being ourselves and offering it to this universe we’re essentially destroying the essence of someone else? lol

Ruby :) said...

Hey Kimya: your writing is always brilliant and so soulful... very beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Alienlovesecret ...

You are one confused puppy.
I guess it will take many years and the evolving of your K9 genes before you could actually grasp something like this.

Ps: 'You have a very fitting chineses birth year.'

kimya said...

Alien and Ruby: Thanks for the comments :)

@anon: i would love to know where you get off thinking you can use this blog to air your sordid bitterness.. i suggest u take ur burning self-hate elsewhere and stop slandering people from behind a nameless curtain of psychosis.
ALIEN please tell your fans to stop gawking at you from my space.

Much appreciated.

Alienlovesecret said...

Thanks Kimya'

Dearest anonymous

Firstly: my comment is relative to previous comments and completely unrelated to Kimya’s actual piece. Do not undermine others for shortcomings in your ability to decipher what people write and what people mean, unless you’re fluent in dog: Woof Woof!

Secondly: leave Kimya in peace and fight your battles on my grounds like a man. Show that you posses anything at all between your legs and present yourself to indicate a personality or brain. If you’re a woman, I’m sorry I broke your heart now get over it!

Kimya :) my apologies...

Also: A Big Happy Belated Birthday To You :)
May Allah enfold you his blessings like day to the evening twilight and night to the morning star...*

kimya said...



thnks 4 wishes n duas