Thursday, February 01, 2007

its february, darling:)

Rosewater essence
pervades my dessicated being
to generously flow
in gushing joy
through veins
by your arrival!

Adrenalin is still-water
compared to the
spArkLing essence
that is you...

I am sweetly moved.
Completeness Conjurred
in this stirring moment in time.


deadcrab said...

how very muse-ical :P

Saaleha said...

you'd be hard pressed to find a man capable of appreciating such words. Well done!

kimya said...

@the crab: lol it is, isnt it :P
this enchanted soul has been dancing to a rhythm of eUphoria, it seems ;)

p e r h a p s!


Anonymous said...

this poem smells nice!

nice going shafs

saaleha said...

i suddenly feel like eating lots of turkish delight:)

kimya said...

hmm, come to think of it, it reminds me of my sweet-smelling post some time back :)

saals, ooh, im a sucker for rOse flavoured turkish delight!!!

deadcrab said...

hmmm, turkish delite...oi, quit making me hungry while im starving at work!! :(

@ anon:
U got one of em 'scratch n sniff' screens? :P

kimya said...

crab? the scratch and sniff screen variety is out-dated; my poem aims at sensual awakenings of a soulular kind :P

anon? wat say ye :)

Anonymous said...


well i was just stopping by to smell the roses :-p


kimya said...


Farsh said...

If I offered you my heart,
It would be dishonest of me.
It has stayed with others. It has marks of many fingers,
Drops of happiness that flowed from lips of others
Have left dried stains under its rim.
Still, I would give you this unworthy gift
If only I were not sure that you too,
Satiated, will return it.

kimya said...

farsh, thnks for the visit and wow to the worded emotions shared here :)

Anonymous said...

mushy slushy


and syruppy

makes me sick

kimya said...

wow, anon..

i have very little to say to you:
the antidote to sugar overdose id rather not have, cos i like tripping on candy floss :P

but if u dont remove the dark glasses blinding you soon, ur going to drop down a manhole or mineshaft and break some bones, i fear.

may Allah Guide you to a life of Love and Light!

Lady said...

@ anon & kimya
ppl are made of diff fibres.
We all don't havta agree on everything, sometimes too much mush makes others feel slush :P

nice poem :)

kimya said...

hmm, im all for allowing difference of opinion, gladdened when someones views can open my eyes to more about life, and saddened when i read bitterness and trepidation in peoples emotions..but to me, this is the flow of a single emotion in a tapestry of words divinely inspired by whatever the universe has allowed to transpire in this moment..

but let me say something more about this, my own emotive expression..
its not sweet. its not cute. its not meant to make people go 'awwwwww'. theres no melodiOus mwAhs and kiSSes and love you's and missin you's.. lol

now THAT would be SLUSHY MUSH that would make any random reader go get some slices of lemon to restore the balance :P


Lady said...

its YOUR blog
tough if anyone doesn't like it :)
u don't havta justify anything u textify here :)

Anonymous said...

i was having a bad day

i blurted

truly sorry

i want a light at the end of my tunnel

pray for me

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Alienlovesecret said...

Wow Kimya!

This is lovely...

Heres wot went thru my mind wen I read it... hehehe
I no you weren’t looking for this effect... but anyways!!!!

You’re making a cocktail with rosewater and still water, also called adrenalin (for those avid pick n payers) compared to the sparkling water which you usually use. Thereafter you moved in the sweetener and stirred every moment of it in time. Once it was completely conjured you were so so overjoyed. You drank your cocktail to a generous flow gushing through your veins, got you hallucinating – you saw this really hot guy in front of you and you were utterly delighted by his arrival...


Dam your poetry is goooooood!