Thursday, March 01, 2007

Honouring the SoApBoX :)


kimya said...

hey all

this post is as per courtesy a very dear Lady friend and idea lamp lit by my buddy, the sOaPster enquiring about the soApbOx forum, ie this blog :)

Anonymous said...

Heres to free expression!


verbosity said...

How quaint!

How superB!

hehe :))

SingleGuy said...

Is anyone at all concerned about the fact that those two are obviously....naked....yet, the male seems oddly...emasculated.

M Junaid said...

i enjoy the comic strip. Homer simpson once described it as being about " two naked eight-year-olds who are married"

kimya said...

lol @ SG

MJ: I think thats precisely how it should be! marriage, like life, should be a journey of discovery seen through the keen wonder-filled eyes of two eight-year olds!
The measure is perfect: just enough personality to be interdependent!!!

Thnks for the visit :)

Anonymous said...

Joe Soap finally gets his 15 minutes on the Soapbox. I thought it would be my space.... but looks like ill have to share it... the soapBox is now officially for the people... by the people... have your say... the box is free

Joe Soap
Thanks KIM
Its a privledge

kimya said...


sOaPs uP!

::: SPEEDY ::: said...

hi , new to ur sopa box world..... any rulez for me to follow before i step on the box to say my say ?
post me the rulez book b4 i start ..

kimya said...

SPEEDY: you just had ur say! ok u can do a second take, k..

lol. rules shmules!
jus keep the (relative) peace.
constructive noise allowed by all means :P

Lady said...

i loveiesss the pic! :)

errm.... liquid soap?

Anonymous said...

Very cute :)

If we can just get Earth's politicians to get on the SoApBoX..

..these two would sure show them a thing or two about acceptance and understanding :)

I always wondered.. have they got names?

kimya said...

@lady: me threeeeee!

liQuid or not.. its sOapie.. :P

@taQdeer: hmm.. i wonder too ;)

::: SPEEDY ::: said...

Thanks for the opportunity Kimya for the second take ... i might just take u up on
1)do soap still come in boxes?? hhmmm the lux soap we sell come in cardboard atanding on that
2) is the guys box slightly (ever so slightly) higher then the female box...hhhhmm guess even in the cartoon world what men say hold more

kimya said...

hmm.. id rather not make a sexist remark dude :)

i just hope that men dont need to stand on a higher soapbOx jus to have to feel confidently heard :P

as for the soapbOxes..
i gUess nothings made quite like they uSed to be, hey!


lol- take it from this lil ol lady!

kimya said...

A source tells me that in the good ol days, somewhere back thEn, sOap was of the large economical bar variety (like 1kg and 2kg) and had mutiple uses such as detergent for laundry, dishes and bathing.. and such heavy loads of soap needed to be transported and sold in heavy duty craters/carriers not very different from the ones used for soft drinks. Hence, the sOaPbOx upon which one might stand as a make-shift podium. Any one else got a story? Tell tell..

kimya said...

oH, and anyone whose been to the infamous Speakers Corner at Hyde Park in London would know how proficiently the SoApBoX works as a pulpit! :)

Bilal said...

soapboxes, love, etc- are these things even for real:P

::: SPEEDY ::: said...

mmmm no sexist remarks from me..did i make one ???? ooops
maybe someone would like to try the soap making recipe.

SingleGuy said...

now...soap operas are called soap opera's why???

is it because initially they were sponsored by soap makers??

or is it because initially the plays were done standind on soap boxes?

kimya said...

hey bilal..

as far as i can see, soapboxes and love are the ONLY things that are REAL :)

speedy: thanks for ur contribution :P

SG: rather this: watching soapies is like ingesting a large amount of detergent or soap powder, or worse yet: SWAllOwing a whole bar of sOap and then burping soap bubbles for a year after that! So. In Conclusion: Unless you think thats tasteful and comfortable, remotely even, sTay aWay frOm soApies. And From Eating Soap. Gosh. But then again, ur life kinda reads like a soapie from time to time :P

just kiddin! lol

Lady said...

@kimmy and taqdeer

Kim Casali created Love Is... back in the late 1960s when she drew the little pictures as love notes for her husband-to-be, Roberto.
the cartoons represented them respectively:)

::: SPEEDY ::: said...

husband to be eh ?? ........did they get married then ?????

Lady said...

yeah, they got married.
Kim stopped drawing the cartoons, She passed on. but now her son continues the comic strip in her memory :)