Saturday, March 17, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere!!! Part II

A few days ago, I spoke of Water, and the devastating drought experienced in some parts of South Africa. And with the advent of blessed rainshowers, we offered thanks to the Almighty! Just this week, rains in the KZN area caused flooding and tragically claimed the lives of people living in make-shift homes. The Daily News reports that a mother and her three children were swept away while they slept on that fateful thursday night storm. Emergency rooms were filled with injured and traumatised peoples seeking shelter and solace. That same night, I was on a flight to Durban from Johannesburg and as we were due to land at 10pm, the storm seemed to reach its angriest zenith. A seasoned traveller, I can say for certain that from all the flights of momentary turbulence, I have never seen or experienced anything the likes of that night. Our string of flights were rerouted back to Johannesburg, passengers made to disembark and wait until weather conditions improved, and then flown back out to Durban at around 2am.
So this time, I wish not just for Love and Water, but a Love that replenishes the Soul, calms the Mind and strengthens the Heart, and I pray for rains of Rahmah (Mercy) that may benefit us, cleanse our streets of sin and nourish the forests of our Lives! Water that quenches the thirst of our trees and plants, animals and man; just enough to keep us in flourishing survival and not too much to allow in us a false arrogance in thinking that resource is infinite.
May Allah have Mercy on our souls, and may we learn the true value of appreciation.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's been a lot of freak storms and sad incidents relating to them.
I hope people will remain safe during these times. InshAllah..

Time for a complaint:
It seems to have rained EVERYWHERE in this country except in my town.
Not a drop!
And the heat is getting unbearable.
I told my mum that Jahannum starts here :(

verbosity said...

Water quenches...
Water drowns...

Cannot live with or without!
This is the paradox of life and works in the same vein as love.

Anonymous said...

Heres to healthy resource use; if we abuse nature, it retaliates.


Anonymous said...

It is when people will learn balance that we will be in tune with nature.

Looking at the history of mankind, and what our Holy Books all prophecied: Man loses balance more and more, and natural disasters will increase.

It's sad to see people losing balance like we do, but at the same time it's humbling to see prophecy being fullfilled.

As for our time in it all, my actions is what have to show where I stand.

Very good post :)

SingleGuy said...


kimya said...

hey all

ameen to all the well-meant dua's.

i am in durbs for the week and this morning, joe cool's and steers was damaged by a mega-wave/ the tide is fascinatingly dramatic - displaying the darkest of emotions; engagingly beautiful nonetheless.

verbosity: Love quenches; Love droWns! Well said!

AbdurRahim said...

And we seeing a LOT of water in Durbs this weekend hey!


diatribe said...


Wishing you Love etc and Water etc etc...Kim.