Monday, March 12, 2007

My Footprints are Muddy...

For a long time now,
I have been rushing around
running the wheel like a
good little hampster -

I stood still today..
And found to my dismay
That my footprints are muddy.
The flickering candle in my eyes
Shows me a promising path ahead. But.
My footprints are muddy.
How shall I move ahead?

Muddy from having stepped
through the murky waters
of the past...
I have just been trudging on.
And NOW, I make it my mission
to undertake a cleansing:
I hereby DeCLaRE to love and to honour
To filter the corrosive yellowed glass
through which I viewed the world
And to emerge in a gurgling stream
of crystal clarity: -
And Alive with Endless Possibilities!


diatribe said...

Hello there!

SO theres some cleaning going on I see :P

Muddy prints remind me of my moms ruined carpets after a soccer prac evening. Consider that she has four sons and realise that she was a brave and patient woman!

I miss her.

Anonymous said...

Um. Muddy footprints. Is that like you did some shady illegal things in your past or wot?!


kimya said...


Yea. She sounds a brave woman!
And of course, grief has stages, so as long as in missing her you are able to remember the memories that make you smile, you honour her that way!

Ace? A newbie, so welcome. Shady is a good thing? lol. Maybe not. To answer that either way, No. I do not refer to nor have I been involved in anything illegal (as far as I can recall) :P
Shady, as in dancing around trees, perhaps? Bollywood style?

*mortified look*


But I can see the good side of shady cos I love trees.

Anonymous said...

This poem is a comment on past issues that weigh us down. As far as I can see. Heres to clearer futures, Kim.


spotlessmind-tainted said...

This so very much reminds me of the essence of the book called The Zahir, basically we need to let go of our past, after all, we only live for the moments we have, life is inconsistant. I like it :)

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

A past.. Everyone has one.. Parts of it good, some bad.. but most of all, it's what you get out of it and how you utilize what you gained in the future.

"In school, you learn the lesson and then get the test.. In life, you get the test and, then learn the lesson."

May all our lessons be easy to learn..

Anonymous said...

"It's good to leave each day behind, like flowing water, free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and it's tale told. Today new seeds are growing." ~Rumi

If one keeps walking, yesterday doesn't enter today, it's only when we stand still that today is shadowed by yesterday.

Keep walking, keep smiling :)

kimya said...

hear hear JT: heres to clear paths!

spotless: i also enjoyed the Zahir for that message:) you sound not so tainted as your title suggests!

mak: ameen!

taQdeer: thank you for always makin me smile :)

deadcrab said...

"And Alive with Endless Possibilities!"

Mighty proudly South African of you kimmy...SA tourism board would be proud of your efforts!! :P ?? :D

kimya said...


Endless is Relevant... like the promise of the ocean, the star-studded skies and the thirsty desert!

And PossibilitiEssss also refers to the infinite as is the aspirations of the soul...

And of Course I am A South African woman! Dare I show some ID? :P

Farsh said...

Like i have said it before, watever I write is miniscule in comparison to the true artistry you pen down...

bibi-aisha said...

I feel so 'small' commenting on ur writing. I'll say it again & again- u hav a poweful way with words mashallah. My thghts always come a while after reading ur posts. Inshallah, I'll return to add my tiny voice

kimya said...

To Farsh and Bibi-Aisha..

Kindness, and Appreciation of inspired divinities that flow from each of us.. are two Magnanamous qualities taken from the Garden of the Almighty. I am humbled by the both of you, for your modesty when you each, in your own spheres of influence, deserve so much acclaim.

Thank you for the accolade.