Thursday, April 05, 2007

Honouring A Purrsona

Hey all.
And so. I am back from the Secret Writers Convention. Managed to collect some sparkly bits and bobs as souvenirs: One likely such is the purrsona sonata. Say what? Alright, let me explain!
At one particular event/seminar or the like, I came upon a student of the arts who delightfully painted a worded detail about doing honours research in alternative media in general and blogging in particular. So. I would like to ask all you eager-beaver members of the blogging fraternity to pretty please take a peek at and leave a link, make a comment or drop something into the suggestion box. All for the sake of science. In aid of research. Kind of like organ donation, only well... its done while you're still alive! How cool is that!!!! Lol. Ok. Rather, its like baking the worlds biggest hot cross bun together. Something for the record books :P
Ok. How about you just go scribble a note or something and lets debate it later.
Ciao. Bye.


verbosity said...

ALternative Media?
Sounds intriguing... will take a look and let you know what the verbs say!

kimya said...


ta, verby!


Anonymous said...

What interests me, is, what makes blogging a valid research topic?
I think some of us tend to take it as pretty random forum of material.


kimya said...

JT, this should be interesting indeed, for what serious research on blogging might reveal to those of us who havent actually given it more than random thought :)

Check out the purrsona sonata's page and state your critique/ irrelevance? or whatever it is...

And let the debate start up and lets see what comes up!


kimya said...

@JT: you just referred to it as a forum! albeit a random one... i believe you have already pin pointed some at least minor relevance as a medium of communication/writing/published thoughts,concepts,etc.

diatribe said...

Blogs are Billboards on the Information SuperHighWay Autobahn!!

Anonymous said...


Indeed I have.


sonata said...

say blogging?? hav u guys seen the Stork marg. ad? It's all about identity & creating your own autonomous space...

Global Youth Culture: Independent Publishing, Social Networking, "Blogs: A new genre of journalism infused with postmodern sensibilities: emphasizing personalization, audience participation in content creation and story forms that are fragmented and interdependent with other websites" (Wall, 2005). "The mission of the j-blog: Recapturing journalistic authority online" (Robinson, 2006).

as they say, choose a research topic that interests u. must say there's nothing quite like blog-viewing and blogger meeting/ greeting, LOL:-)

research aside, i do actually have a life: composing lyrics. check out my latest MUSIC AND LYRICS inspired creative composition 'SPACES APART'.

kimmi: guess i owe u! perhaps a 'BLOG FAIRY' track wud b fitting, hehehe!

kimya said...

sonata :) u gotta tell me more about this stork margerine ad :P

i tend to overanalyse, but this is another level altogether!

gosh! wen u said u were insPIRED by MUSIC & LYRICS i didnt realise you actually compOSe your own lyrics! thats awesome! ;)

diatribe said...


I like when you say: "Global Youth Culture: Independent Publishing, Social Networking"....

Thats as best as can describe Serious Blogging. As an observer/reader I have been toying with the idea of this becoming more than the daily news-entertainment option and possibly considering blogging myself!

diatribe said...

Oh, and my comment was directed at Purrsona Sonata :-P

Tried leaving a comment at your blog but I was not allowed to, being not of the blogging fraternity. Such is Life.

@Kim: Hi :)

kimya said...


@ diatribal dude: Hi :)