Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Starry Sunday with Daughters are Diamonds!

When i stepped out of my work week mode into the cool waters of a planned chilled out long weekend, i had no idea of what the saints of spontaneiety had in mind! A wholly different and decidedly delightful plan for certain! Actually, i was pretty oblivious all the way to Saturday night.. Having already received my first load of printed works; 'Daughters are Diamonds', a visit from a friend elicited a flurry of ideas and excitement! Good ol' JayZee's folks have recently opened up a new diner in Fordsburg in the famed 'Train' Building, called Cafe Jehaan. And he thought we should set up a casual booksigning for Sunday evening. A few posters, some SMS's and phone calls later, I went over to peruse the venue. The trains structure has held a special fascination for me for as long as I have known it. The landlord/owner of the building came by, and chatting to him, I discovered more about the history of the site upon which this building rests. Apparently it was the site used by the mineworkers in the historic strikes and the brief on developing required that he preserve the national heritage value of the site. So what you have is two train carriages side by side with a substantial built area between them resembling the multiple platforms of a train station. Now called Bombay Central, it has been the home of the Orient Express, Jaipur Express and Mikes Kitchen. The latest reinvention is one of its owners most creative efforts yet! I found my way to the upper platform where they were in the process of restoring antique handcrafted Rajasthani chairs made of embossed metal frames, and the seats being upholstered in colourful raw silk. Reds, turquoise, cerese pink, orange and purple hues made the sight before my eyes transport my imagination to the stories of the royal courts of the Ottoman Empire. Seeing the obvious delight dancing across my face, the kind Mr. Owner allowed me to use two of the chairs of my choice at the signing, and well, since i digressed.. Sunday night was a phenomenal success beyond my expectations, having met people i havent seen since campus, and new faces from far and wide. Being a long weekend and having enticed people from all around the country for the Rand Easter show, the Sultan Bahu fete and the general vacation ambience, i was thrilled to meet numerous academics and philosophers in their own right. Gosh! I shouldve taken a soapbOx along to the little event! :P
My thanks are due to Uncle Shabir, JayZee, Uncle Sam, Sarfaraaz, Dad, Mom, Mohammed and Dilshaad, and to Fakir Hassen and just about everyone for the well wishes and sparkles.


Dreamlife said...

The train bit reminds me of The Workshop in Durban. I don't remember the history of the place, but it does have something to do with trains.

Congrats again on the book, Hope its a success :)

SingleGuy said...

So when does it hit the shelves of Exclusive Books, CNA etc....Can't wait to buy one.

bibi-aisha said...

Aw,shafs. U shud hav let me kno! after rand show,my cousins went to fordsburg 4 supper,but id had enuf of seein indians,so i went home

kimya said...

@ dreamlife:
i dont remember the Workshop too well cos we dont venture thatside much wen im in durbs, but i think there is something of a heritage feel to both buildings:) thanks for the kind words as always...

@ SG: Sooner than u think! Keep em peeled ey doc;)

@ bibi: i thort about u! u can blame that dude in sweden for this one ;) it was a truly last minute put together and i hadnt updated ur details from my mailbox to fone so i tried the short cut way of contactin you and jus got ignored :P we thinking on a repeat this saturday nite- same place! will let you know..

diatribe said...

guess wot folks....?////////

i knows a celeb!


Bilal said...

sorry couldnt make it!
will attend the next.
there is some blogger meet this sat- you should be invited...

sonata said...

a hearty CONGRATS! 4rm Apollo & me. knew id met a celeb even b4 id heard abt ur bk:-) Way 2 go, kimmy!

jus a thawt: if daughters are diamonds, what does that make sons??? squid, sardines... i suppose deadcrab's post is having an effect on me, LOL:P

anyway, id been preoccupied with painting (c my blog 4 AIDS Art Competition entry... bloggy- inspired, no doubt!), which means my research had taken a backseat 4 while.

mged 2 respond 2 all ur comments finally!

bilal: is this som kinda secret society 4 bloggers in jozi or do i get ta gatecrash?