Thursday, November 29, 2007

De Ja Vu..

This is all too creepy, this de ja vu.. this sense of dread..

the paranoid makes placid putty of me

and then theres that nagging memory from
further down the garden path.. moving backwards
along a sloping memory

of that time when there was some amount of innocence
and trust

and silly plainess.. unexplored potential
unencumbered losses

and just plain old fashioned

that made one keep the petal from that
oddly shaped flower without a name

and the make-shift ring from
a can of some or other
fizzy drink

and the little scribbled notes
on the back of
shoddy bits of posters
stubbornly holding onto
asbestos walls
that struggle
to this day to shrug them off.

Its time to let them go, no?


diatribe said...

letting go? well, its like this kimmy; the past makes us who we are today. lets hope we have learnt the lessons that will make us respond in a different way to things. a better way even.

diatribe said...

btw, its been a while since you wrote a poem. now smile for the camera, or else :-p

Lady said...

O my god!
Get outta my head kimmy:)

We can't escape that the bumps within reality does jade us.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

lol @ diatribe :))))))))

lady /.. i had a scary feeling this one would resonate with you! mwah!

hmm.. actually enjoyed writing this one.. happened in a few seconds with fingers to keyboard.. and felt like i was painting when i stood back and read it for the first time.. this is the stuff of memories, de ja vu.. and newness, of course :P

not that its meant to make sense to all and sundry, but hey.. art is such ;)