Thursday, November 29, 2007

Saying My Goodbyes.. Again

I always seem to do the ideal and thoughtprovokingly mundane thing around this time of the year... a bit of reflection, some amount of pityful complaint and surrender to all thats been and what never has... and mostly, a rounding up of goodbyes to the year thats gone and a bracing, for what lies ahead, perhaps?

So there. Its done. 2007.. almost over. another drip drip drip of the ubiquitous tap of time left open by some irresponsible fallen angel, collecting a muddy stream of running tears and mushy memories. Life, the perpetual theatre of drowning in dread and despair and muddled emotions. And taken into the dark room of reflection, often tending to reveal some surprisingly vivid portraits of living, 'life in still' i dare say..

Enough to piece together a moving collage for eyes to feast and fray with time..

Enough said. We make plans. And The Planned makes us. And we trudge onward, sometimes gleefully, mostly blindly.. quite bewildering, come to think of it! The demise of 007, an epic to be graffitoed in the subways of nostalgia.. and the yearning for newness that 2008 might bring.. well.. reminds me of the book i finally got down to reading: dreams are the intersection of wishes and fears... and when those wishes are the same as the fears.. thats when the dream becomes a nightmare... awefully paraphrased, i know.. but thats how i remember it.. Shantaram.. my current escapism. Deal with it.

Love and sweet nothings


diatribe said...


the girls got attitude tonight!!!!!

goodbye or good riddance 2007? sounds like you want to wash it off like something not lekka!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

no man! lol

not good riddance but like.. erm its a secwet :P