Saturday, December 22, 2007


yes. i dont know if i can ever explain this one, but i just got home from watching one of Disneys most preposterous excuses for a movie: Enchanted. It tries to mingle in the animation world and blend into the real of NYC and falls flat on its face. Its a wonder we didnt walk out. We sat put, in total disbelief. Prince and Princess Charmed as Ever kill with more ardently sweet nothings than does the Evil Queen in her rather beguiling get-up. Of course, Princess cuts up curtains and rugs in the real world in order to fashion a wardrobe, but thats beside the point. The point is that there is no point to this movie. so there. i said it. its a bland look at this whole love thing. and the ultimate triumph of good over evil is squeezed out of a struggling plot. squeezed repeatedly, that is. the flow is horrifying. and the message of love is a rather diluted one, if at all. still dripping with far too much sugar and sing-song-along. sigh. cant believe i sat through it! disenchanted, i am! gimme some screaming white female music and let me go dabble with some paints and then hopefully knock myself out for a few hours ;)


Sofi said...

hmm I wasnt so harsh on this particular movie.suffice to say i lablled it "sweet" and it hasnt changed! the cinema was full of little kids, and its safe to say they left the cinema enchanted!

Ghulam said...

Its your own fault. Its a Disney movie and its name is "Enchanted". Oscar time in a month. There'll be lots of movies with a point on circuit.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ sofi.. i love ur profile pic :)

@ ghulam.. it is. quite right. my own fault :)