Monday, December 31, 2007

The East Coast & Newness

Its new years eve. 2007 is done for, and standing on the precipice of a whole new year ahead, I am tending to prod my toes about rather precariously forward, somewhat fretful about the immediate few weeks of the beginning of the year and mostly anxious about the creative promise that the rest of the year holds.

I have this seed of a wonderful feeling sitting inside of me. Somewhere deep down, waiting to burst forth in time, this little sign of creative life lurks. I have this strange but beautiful feeling about 2008. Not so easy to put into words, but evident to me in the whisper of heartbeats signaling the celebration of life throughout the inner universe.

Its just after 9pm. I am at home, and have not yet decided where I will be when the clock strikes midnight. I got into Johannesburg at about 5pm this evening after having spent about a week on the East Coast in Durban. A week of fabulous fun, sunshine, blue ocean, positive energy from the magic of hugs and quality time with friends and family.. the wedding of a wonderful couple (Naz and Max).. more wonderful people met here and there.. the Al-Ansaar Souk where we launched the book, spoke at some seminars during the week there and held a booksigning or two. And, finally, confirmed a one-semester lectureship with the folk at UKZN to present as case study for sociology students, the themes and theories of Daughters are Diamonds. Which means, effectively, that I have exaclty one month to get my stuff together, round up work things and tie up some loose ends before I get back to Durban, where I will reside for the next five to six months. Well, I asked for change of scenery, and it seems like the universe responded in this way. The rest remains to be played out and seen through :)

Its going to be an interesting 2008. I can almost taste it!

Heres to Newness, Greatness, Madness and Sweetness! Mwah!


Anonymous said...

congrats on the kzn thing :) woohoo :) may 2008 be wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

happy new year kimmi


diatribe said...

change of scenery hey! awesomeness, lady :-p

err, oh and don't be getting out of hand out there!

M Junaid said...

was really cool to meet you - hope the new year brings joy for you

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ bella.. thanks! :) sweet 008 to u too, and all the best for ur wedding etc

@ ta, JT.. happy newness to u too!

@diatribe: change of scene means new inspirations for new paintings :P
thats as out of hand as creativity goes methinks! lol..

@ MJ: meeting the celebrity MJ was quite a highlight for me :) heres wishing you all things bright and beautiful, dude!