Wednesday, February 13, 2008

on tourism and birthdays

I have decided that it makes sense to continue considering myself a tourist in sunshine Durban, at least until I have been here a month. Its only been a fortnight. And I have discovered avenues and roads leading to various previously enchartered territories by the likes of me the tourist. Roads that lead to Virginia airport also lead to my cousins Fatima's highschool. Then roads lead to Woolworths Foods and some lead off to little houses turned into quaint galleries. Then more roads lead to more places yet to be discovered. My range of movement is limited at the moment. I use the freeway in the mornings, and have made sure to suss out speed camera zones. For the first few days, I prided myself in getting through 'traffic' quickly as survival in the jungle usually demands. I mean the space for articulation is quite inviting for someone who has had to brave Johannesburg congestion for some time! My car purrs gratitude; need I say more? Then today, while slurping kilometres like cherry slush, I looked toward the ocean on my left and s-l-o-w-e-d down. Oiiiii. How I wished at that moment to be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic!!! *sigh*

I like Argyle Road. And the other day, I had to meet with some people in Davenport Road. Little creative coffee shops and galleries lazing beside each other reminded me of Mellville, my favourite hide-out in Jozi. Time to start painting again methinks! But then theres Ridge Road. I am still a little apprehensive about negotiating that one! In the first few days of my journeying along its slopes and curves, some areas through which it crawls happened to be experiencing loadshedding. (For international readers, loadshedding is a touristy South African word for a karma-like transfer of energy into nothingness! - pretty cool hmm?) And so, crossing the intersection at Ridge and Overport Drive was as chaotic as anything I have ever experienced before. I mean, take Sandton for example... loadshedding in South Africa's financial hub is a spectacle of its own, for sure; but the fourway-crossing ettiquette has some amount of ordered chaos. I know that I raved and ranted some few weeks ago about the traffic being like sheep ambling along unherded. But. Perspective is a thing unappreciated! Durban. Well... Its difficult to say what that was all about because it seemed quite traumatic for people to consider what it was they were meant to be doing. At the risk of sighing again: Moving on to all things festive!

Yesterday was the first time in forever that I got to celebrate my birthday at the beach! Invigorating and symbolic of so many things, especially the creative spontaneous spirit that fills my being, it turned out to be a celebration of note! A celebration of me. Thanks to all the love and positive energies constantly surrounding me. Kind of like the ultimate feeling of home, away from home!

So. Happy Birthday to Shafs the Tourist in Transit!
Magic has been restored..


diatribe said...

Happy Birthday Hun!

Damn late, but better late than never, rite????????????????


Anonymous said...

Your car purrs, kimya?


Anonymous said...

Happy belated :-)


green!is4girls said...

since its still in the same week, happy birthday kimya! have a perfectly green year!


r said...

i LOVE davenport road! Its my favorite hideaway - try pizetta next time :) ridge rd isn't so bad, you learn to manoeuvre the morning traffic. I'l pop in to your office sometime next week ok? Hugs

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thnks all for the birthday wishes!

JT: purring is a virtue :)

r: anytime :) im always in the office between 9-11am.. then in and out depending on lectures/seminars/etc. cya!

protocolinpractice said...

Every day when I drive and I see the blue see and all the green and the flowering trees and shrubs I feel so blessed to live here in Durbs. I try to drive different routes and stay off the freeways. I have all my favorite spots where I get views that knock my breath out every time.
This is a good place to celebrate life!
May the next year be filled with health and happiness.