Thursday, February 07, 2008

ridge road, ukzn and first years like me

After aeons of time, I am a first year at university, again. As of Monday this week past, I have ambled into my new post as lecturer at UKZN's Howard College with much amusement and comforting ease. Aside from having to painstakingly negotiate the undulations of Ridge Road that threaten to bite bits off of my car every now and then, and course packs that need pulling together and outlines for course material that glaringly require my every attention, the embrace of the oceanic air all around me and the reminder of it's promise of feel-good energy from my office view of the harbour, have me in the most wonderous of spirits.. yes, I miss home somewhat; family, friends and Johannesburg traffic share the beat of my heart and the flow of blood in my veins ;) drama aside though, I have in my entourage the writer's soul and the creative spirit of the painter. And together, we plan on turning the next five or six months into quite an adventure of colour and metaphor! Life's fiction, sure.. but it's time to turn it into a movie. And I know for certain Whose got my back! The Writings on the Wall.. :)

Here's to the spirit of enthusiasm and the lure of all things magical!



Dreamlife said...

Well, congratulations, and i hope it's a good adventure for you. I'll always have good memories of that campus, because I spent quite a bit of my childhood there while my mother was's such a big place - so many rooms and halls and nooks and crannies, just amazing for a 7 year old :)

are u planning on publishing anything new this year?

Anonymous said...

going to lugs...and awl and awl :-)


Anonymous said...

"Magic has been restored"... Nice one, that!


KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ dreamlife: thats awesome... i can imagination the inspiration of being able to traverse the hallowed halls of an establishment like this... :) i can only imagine! wow....
i am working on a few things, and i hope to have lots of time to write in the next few weeks, finding time to negotiate space between lectures and seminars! wishe me luck, lets see how it all pans out!

@ diatribe: ?!!!!!


@ JT: magic it is.. you read that at the other post tho? :)

Anonymous said...

I read both posts, one after the other and the magic stood out as a theme: this one says: "..heres to the spirit of enthusiasm and the lure of all things magical!"


Dew said...

Heres to fun, fun fun! oh and learning and beauty of course:)

It was a lovely meeting!

Dew said...

It was a lovely meeting:)

Heres to hope, beauty and fun or course:)