Monday, April 21, 2008

all things silvery mist...

Its raining... Sigh... like a million drops of silver, accompanied by cold and a blanket of grey mist. Making my way to work this morning, across the freeway, I was first greeted by the torrential breakers of the ocean, competing malevolently for attention against the gloomy colour of the storm... and drizzle held my hand as we ambled forward. By the time I got to Ridge Road, a ritual dance had been planned for my entertainment... and so between Ridge Rd and the winding mountain, I was able to delight in the frivolity of pitter patter music and be mesmerized by the silky veils of silvery mist now weaving their way ahead and around me, as I drove along... almost as if to lure, entice and contrive all at once in promise of a pleasant sight ahead. Or am I just hopeful :) Well, either way, it sure beats moping around in the weather, when the option to stay under the duvet is not on. Monday. Grey not blue. But pinkish sweetness and all things pretty, nevertheless.

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