Sunday, April 20, 2008

Secrecy sealed with plentiful giggles

Today, Saturday April 19th.. was girls day out. And Im floating because of it. And Im dying to share with all and sundry what the day was about. But Im sworn to secrecy. Sigh. Anyway, Fati n me got woken early early at 8am. And we had NO interest in waking up that early. None. What-SO-EVER. Until we heard some enticing, tempting news. And so we got through a zombified shower and dress-up routine. Now when I say 'dress-up' I mean anything that can get you out the house: like t-shirt and cargo pants anything. And we trudged along to the promised land without hope of gain. Or loss. Just kinda apathetic. Stupor. With some small denied spark of enthusiasm wavering about. Our pied piper (my aunt, and fati's mom) was glowing with inspiration, of course. And so we followed the route with eyes as she drove. And went along with the charade of whatever. And engaged the rituals of the crowd that was found at destination untold. And I, as usual, made my observations. In semi-sleep state. (I am no morning person, in case anyone made the mistake of thinking so :P) And. Then. Temptation Struck. And I was hooked. And so was Fati. And the ritual undertakings became something we were crowned as naturally talented for. Lol. And we left the Place unnamed, glorious heroines. Need I say more?

Hmm. Oh and Hish took us to see U2-3D. FINALLY. Yay:)
Im wading through my Greatest Hits Collection on my old laptop right now! Sweetest Thing; Beautiful Day... Where the Streets Have no Name... And they ended awesomely with ... with.... With or Without You..

Now for some essays and written stuff... Ciao.

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