Thursday, April 03, 2008

malawi, sweet desserts and reunion love

i am famished. oh and i hear that word means 'hungry'? im not hungry, just exhausted. with a souvenir virus from magical malawi. not that malawi in itself was purely magic, save for the wonder of energy, people and festivity. the week past, was nothing short of magical. lots of good company, great food, sleepless nights and quality time. my darling little brother was married to his sweetheart on saturday 29th march amid much celebration. we flew out to blantyre for the wedding (both groom's and bride's parties) over the course of the two weeks preceeding the wedding date. wednesday nights flight was arguably the largest group of us (including my brother, and a bunch of mutual friends,etc) and we were met at the airport by a sizeable welcome committee, and whisked off to our first of many scrumptious meals (cultural love shown in the form of feeding)..
and so, we decided on thursday, to venture out to Zomba, and the plateau, for some sightseeing before the rage of celebration got too noisy and distracting. I took loads of pics. And it was incredible enough for me to wish I'd brought along some canvas and paints! Malawi is absolutely beautiful! but i shall have to write more on this when im able to be more coherent. my heads not quite about me yet. sigh. i feel the earth moving and all im doing is standing still. wish i had someone to drive me home today! timing out. bye.

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