Friday, April 04, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

The sweetest part about the Malawi Safari, was the day of the Walima when we got to work in the kitchens... the hotel kitchen! Yes, we had in our entourage a professional chef (cousin Abdur Rahim) and he had this plan to make this schmansy dessert thing out of simple ingredients that cost an arm and a leg out in Malawi! (from that designer store called Shoprite!) sigh. and it was an awesomefilled experience needless to say! lol...
Now if only I could upload the pics to show... hmm..
Recipe: Orange Flavoured Yoghurt made in malawi..
Tennis Biscuits @ R22 a packet :( (Three times our price at home)
annnnnnnnd Cadbury's Milk Choc at another ridiculous price of about R38 per 300g.
Note that we catered for about 200 people hey! But it was oh-so-worth-IT!!!! YUM FACTOR:))))) Awaiting picccies....

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