Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pearls of Elation..

Theres pure elation in these pearls of thought, and a rush every now and again in tribute to that flickering smile that captivates her.. makes her heart STOP!.. and then has to trudge onward through the journey, pushing slushy circulation through its arterial routes, in the hope that they might cross paths again.

What delightful wickedness is this play of light and dark and joy and fear and hope and oh-so-many baubles of deluded discovery. And for how long will this last?

Theres answers in the asking.. of mortality. And finiteness. And a comment on being human. And frail. And fickle. And silly. And incredible. And comment on creating that masterpiece called life.

An art. Without skill. Just hope. Silly hope. And nothing else.

And glowing smiles to make it all pretty and scenic on the path to who knows where.

And a string of semi-precious pearls of elation, of course.

1 comment:

diatr4ibe said...

hey kim
-- sounds like one of those posts where you went shopping for jewellery and now you all happy about your pearls.