Monday, April 07, 2008

Thinking, Dancing, Singing, Being

I am loving this time in Durban, as I have said before. The promise of newness had me on a high even before I got here, so its all great. I can see it in the mirror when I search my own sparkling eyes that my enthusiasm has been upped a few notches. So I am sincerely hoping that this has a grandly inspirational bearing on my writings, in the remaining few months here in KZN. This weekend past was spectacular. I attended the Sonu Nigam concert at the ICC in Durban with a newly acquired dear friend, Lubna. And what awesome company this lady is! Not wanting to have to worry about parking, we were dropped off by cousin Hishaam and one of the twins, picked up and whisked off to wherever, soon after the show had ended! And what were the options? We had tons of energy from the concert that just had to go somewhere. Lol. Cubana in Florida Rd? Maybe. Not. Sigh. Suncoast. Yea. Hot Chocolate Downers Please :P

Reminder: I plan to make lots of memories of the time left here in this heartwarming coastal town; and I always wanted to have a beach party! So... before I leave, thats what I have got to do :) The Farewell Party!

Anyway, Sunday was yet another attempt to see Jodhaa Akhbar, to no avail. So Fati n me watched 'Race', with that super-awesome song 'Pehli Nazar' thats been spinning in my head since the wedding last week. Finally got my copy of the cd. Hmm. Back to Sonu. What a voiCe, yaar!!!!!!!

I want to sing now.


Ta^KiLLa said...

Sonu Nigam - Doesnt look the part though.. Sings lovely nonetheless

M Junaid said...

compared to half of the bollywood singers, sonu is actually one of the better looking ones.

Mj commands thee - watch Jodha akbar!

M Junaid said...

didnt you have comment moderation?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hey TK.. he was aweSome!!!!!! he always wears the kewlest jackets! and t-shirts.. and hair!!!!!

lol.. MJ: im not meant to see JA; went to suncoast on Sunday and the only tickets left were in front of screen. So. Ended up seeing 'Race'.

i HAD comment moderation. I was advised against it :P didnt want to seem unfriendly. so i complied.

Sofi said...

I love Sonu..and especially his silky, smooth, hot n happening voice. Oh to meet a man who sounds like him would be more than a prayer answered ! ;P