Thursday, July 31, 2008

many truths reside here..

i try dissecting these walls,
i wade and scramble thru
rubble and rock,
finding a flattened petal
of that wasted rose
and then some fossils
of that goldfish
and further on
a skeleton or
maybe two..
now bronzed
for the mantle of
to make sense of
or non-sense.
these walls...
upon which
we sat as childhood sweethearts
and dangled skinny
legs of uncertaintly,
these walls that got
neatly whitewashed
for easy suburban living
for non-confrontation
for neat picket fence
later got graffitoed
with the rush of adolescence
and then the euphoria
of adulthood...
and then came the gory
designs that life
some hurts
some pains
some joys
some tears
some fears
some great divisions
and some awesome
in the symbol of
cement and limestone
and bricks and mortar.
and so here we are today,
with mossy based walls
and a vine or two still
struggling to reach
the sunlight:)


wingman said...

stop feeling sorry for yourself.

be nice to others n u'll start making sense of ur own life.


KimyaShafinaaz said...

how could i possibly feel sorry for myself when im obviously surrounded by secret admirers :P

wise words though. the universe does tend to make more sense in the smiles reflected. although i might opt to try for empathy rather than niceness. hmm.

si si. capice ;) lol

greengirl said...

wtf?? lol

be nice. how quaint!
i should try that babe!

Anonymous said...

Your poems are very vivid kimmy. One tends to see the picture.


KimyaShafinaaz said...

hmm. its not a sad poem btw. its about discovery. and spirit. and being human. and semi-cathartic.

a buddy of mine just said im a 'naked author'. lol. he qualified that by saying that im very (too?) transparent in my writings. blogging is online diarising. unapologetically so. and so. this is me, virtually :P

not commercially. *insert sigh here*

Crimson Shimmer said...

ah be proud of that naked author :)
she's beautiful`
and her words
like a robe
of warmth

KimyaShafinaaz said...

dude, becos i kno u, and ur leanings toward rumi, i understand the soul perspective made... yea. thats what i wanted to say :) unbridled emotion can be glaring and scary for some.