Wednesday, July 23, 2008

untitled, but lurking on my pc, forgotten

Piano keys tapped at, make these sounds I no longer recognise..
Destiny revealed is a tease and a taunt..
None of this familiar in its lure;
Just mundane, and painstaking in its intent to turn my day upside down.
Wading through the foliage of everything that’s grown around me, keeping the sunshine at bay, but for how long? Didn’t they say that even sunlight burns you if you get too much. And a certain death if you get none.
Doomed. With and without.
What choice do we have,

Given that it’s safer the other way. Not to have lived at all.
Or not to have loved at all. Is it the same thing?
Then it’s better to have loved and lost.
As the journey of life intends.

Shafs. 28April08

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Crimson Shimmer said...

hmmmm wise words spoken indeed :)
and how many yonders ago was this...