Monday, July 21, 2008

pretty pink praiseworthy-ness

theres a little girl i know
worthy of oh-so-very-much praise..

just a year ago today, she arrived with much delight and little fuss
into a world of war and wage debate
but her little eyes sparkle with wonder and jest
and all things
sugar and spice

a little girl who tugs at heart strings
and believes everythings possible, like bungying down
the length of her grandfathers frame
and dancing at the steering wheel as
we wait for her mom to finally load the
pram on our trip to the mall
reminds me all the while that
souls take flight every moment
and bodies stagger here on earth
tied to time and space.

she reminds me, that all things are doable,
done and designed
for delight

her enthusiasm infects me!

this is an ode to my niece.
just turned one. today.
heres to a hundred and one more.
with joy!

for madeeha.
the praiseworthy.


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