Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Memory Lane

I was sitting up in bed a few hours ago, thinking back to my year or at least the past eighteen months or so. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because reflection allows us to make sense of happenings, or maybe its because I have the opportunity to sit still for the first time in, well, a long time. And partially it's because, in writing this new book manuscript, which is happening along in painstakingly slow motion, I am constantly called upon to reach back into memory and experience for ways of reacting to situations and feeling things,etc. I sit here at my laptop thinking, "So, what would that feel like?" and "What would Mariam say to her sister at this point?" and how is it that Selma's life mirror's Zahida's, but that their ways of reacting and being are so radically opposed even. How, What, Where, Who, Why. The Ubiquitous WhY.

So, I decided to go back a year, down the archives of this SoApBoX.
And this is what I found..

A verbose article on The Notions of Original Sin called Adams Eve and Wundabra

Which, brought me back to earth of course. Lol. Because, I used to write such overly thought out, very richly netted, long-winded diatribes. Oh and I still do, just that I am aware of the perils to readability :P

Pacing, urgency, readability, compulsive readerships. These are new buzz items on my checklist of writing. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey of awareness that this new project of writing is allowing me. Reading others' writings often evokes emotion in me, or a memory, or something. That's what words mean to me. Being able to engage the reader, take them by the hand, allow them to sit with a relatively good view into your words. To bite and chew, to swallow or spit out in disgust. To feel, see, smell, hear. To know. To alter. I think I'm rambling now.

It's interesting to be able to read back a year or two or three and log progression, regression, change, and growth. Change is good. It points to a shift in consciousness. It implies growth. Even if it happens in tiny bits at a time. It's all good.


Zahera said...

Some of it is just plain shocking! :-P lol not yours (or maybe), i was talking more on a personal level!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

lol. sure :P

Anonymous said...

Memories = History


Zahera said...

loolll i did mean my own :-P whaddya take me for huh!

KimyaShafinaaz said...


yes, yes.. but of course!

now whose the disgruntled, rather defensive one, hmm.. ;)

aw. im only teasing u missy!

Zahera said...

loooll im allowed to be all those things- im pregnant remember :-D its a disclaimer to everything!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

ohMywOrd! no, i didnt know. now i DO!

thats awesome news! :)

all the best.. ok. creative licence to be and say and do as u wish :P

censored, of course! ;)

can never really tell with these mother-to-be types :P

Zahera said...

LOOOLL oh my goodness Shafs! when was the last time you read or even skimmed my very rarely updated blog? :-P
I thought the whole world knew!

Thanks anyway- im on a mission to write a book :-D its a brainwave i had exaclty 23 minutes ago (ok i made that figure up but its quite accurate-lol)!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

ok then its only me that didnt know. its ok. im usually the last to know important things. but then i'll do the song and dance and make up for it :P


Zahera said...

aaahh ya such a sweety pie!
Mwah back to you! XX