Monday, October 13, 2008

no name brand

I just learned that a good friend of mine blogs. All this, thanks to her mom. Now, she's one heck of a person. And she's got a 'wow' mind. All this means that she must have one really awesome blog. Or two. Or however many she might have. But, she chooses to remain anonymous. And, of course, thats to be respected. I remember when I first started blogging, I chose to write simply as Kimya. Theres something to be said about total blissful anonymity. In the way that one writes, in the level of expressiveness and in the non-judgemental approach one has to ones expressions regarding self. Not much of that has changed, in principal, but I wonder if, at least at a subconscious level, this open writing challenges freedom in any way? Or does it add a responsibility of sorts, perhaps? I wonder.

I wonder if anonymity belies intentions. If it aids exaggeration. Or if it courts embellishment. I wonder if life is fiction anyway. Or is fiction reality, all the same.

I also wonder if this blood pressure level dropping below 100 is causing my mind to spin in too much wondering. I need sleep. And water. And less caffeine. And more fresh air. And an oasis of new inspiration.

And I would really like to write again. So I am off to do that. Ciao.

With love and sweet nothings


Zahera said...

All i wana do is listen to cheesey poopy pop songs..

Candy Tothill said...

i think blogging anonymously allows one to speak their mind without fear of judgement or consequence. i have also wondered how many friends of mine do this... interesting indeed.

i'm so happy to have found your blog :) why has it taken me this long?!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hello mrs progesterone:)
happy cheesy pop songs to u, hun..

candyyyyyy! whyyyyy has it taken you so long, lady? :) welcome!