Sunday, October 12, 2008

one last dance

This last dance,
Is all it takes
for a mind to say good bye.

This last dance,
when the roses have long dried
and leaves once green
are ready for their bronzing.

Just one last dance,
so i can feel that memory
of your breath
on my skin,
and that signature whisper
that you almost didn't utter
forever branding me
as your silent love.

This last dance,
is all i need to
remember that it wasn't
just a dream,
and then to
forget eyes
that smiled once,
just for me.

This last dance, in appreciation,
because you showed me
that eternity

Yes, I'm savouring this one last dance,
because you always are
and never will be.

A last dance,
is all a heart needs
to finally let you go.


Anonymous said...

sweets, you need to learn some new dances, like the salsa, rhumba, even the waltz...let the tango be... lets take some dance classes together ...what say ? fab post as always : )

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hmmm.. dance classes sounds like a plan, hey... i got your invite waiting in dbn, my sis-in-law wants to join a bollywood dance academy here in jhb.. and a friend out in poloks wants to do some hip-hop class. sigh. the signs speak to me :P