Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the quest for marshmallows...

I have been experiencing these awesome 'eureka' moments these past few weeks. I imagine that it's all part of a long drawn process of self-realisation that will continue for the extent of my life, however long or short that may tend to be. But I also feel immensely grateful for the journey, and the point at which I now find myself.

Theres so much I want to pen here. So much that I want to document, for myself, and to share with erstwhile readers. Because, everyday I pray for answers to the muddle of questions in my forever inquiring childlike mind. And everyday, I may have failed to see the answers.

My quest for the bowl of marshmallows in my eye-line has kept me striving without wanting to enjoy the view of a far bigger reality.

What an amazing reality it is!

I feel like the universe has let me in on a little secret. And I have this incredulous feeling that the secret is only the key to many more. Every single day, I have received a tiny piece of the puzzle, only to discard them into my box of seeming nothingness.
Until recently that is. When I had some time for silence, and reflection, and the need to do something creative. I reached back into that box of stuff and began to unravel and piece together the little bits... And a glorious image (still halfway there) began to emerge. I feel held and embraced by all that life can be. I feel like life is working with me. I feel loved :) I feel like I am always at the right place at the right time. And that I have no reason to want. Just to be. But I have to admit, it took some doing and some sandpaper-to-skin in getting here (rather I chose to make it feel like that for a while).

I also know that this is a temporary resting place, and that the shade of these leaves will shift for some time so that I can see the greater climb that awaits me.

I am just grateful for every moment of love that has brought me to this point, and I know that my emotional wings are a little stronger now ;)


Zahera said...

Aawww i fell all warm and fuzzy wuzzy inside now :-D
You give me smiles Kimyi- you truly to. May Life bring you happiness, joy and lots of laughter always! and keep that childlike mind ticking- its what defines the little innocence that is left in us!


Anonymous said...

respect, kimmy!


greengeisha said...

So what's the secret? You don't think you gonna get away with not telling me?????????

charouchick said...

so do ya toast da marshmellows sweets...? yum, nothing betta than gooey, warm sticky stuff...a bit like life when you've got past all da rough bits : )

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ z... m w a h!

@ joe... :) ty

@ gEisha girl... im liking the nic, hun! im thinking u been lingerie shoppin' :P

@ CC... aw...i love the way you yummify my metaphors!

just m said...

you are an amazing writer, S