Thursday, November 27, 2008

oOo---10 Tips for Writers---oOo

1. Pencils are earthy. Hug a tree. Hold a pencil. Life flows!

2. Roller ball ink pens allow your words to 'feel' life.

3. I wish my dreams had ink at hand... They would make for some awesome scenes :)

4. Blueprints are not Buildings. Plots are not Stories. Brick by brick you gotta just write, write and .............keep writing!

5. Even the prison of the mind has a little window that lets the light of inspiration in. So keep your face to the window. Suns and moons are good friends to have.

6. I wish I had time to write contemplative sequels instead of daydreaming so much.

7. Daydreams are NOT agents of procrastination.

8. Procrastination is just a germination period.

9. After germination comes the rains. Naturally.

10. Rain makes me daydream. Sigh.

11. Happy Monsoons to all you fellow writers out there!

...Love and Words...

PS: I almost forgot. I met a very distracting dude recently. He was tall, dark and handsome. He showed me ID> His name was Inner Critic. Yea, he had oodles of dark charm. I'm a sucker, what can I say. It's tough, I know, but don't fall for him! Lol. Or her, for that matter :P


Anonymous said...

Right away, Writer!


greengirl said...

Hug-a-Tree?! Hehe... You're a strange gurl, shafs :P

Khadija said...

this is lovely!
may there always be paper over which the pecils and roller balls may flow...

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thanks folks :P

khadija, hug-a-tree ;)

even if theres no paper, there will always be words. Lets hope there will always be trees to hug, too!

Crimson Shimmer said...

lol lol lol
lovely stuff!
and a happy monsoon to you too gogga` :)