Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shhhhhh... Don't speak!

There are different kinds of silences. Sometimes, silence is like that clear pond that makes you want to look into its forever and ever kind of depths. It is still and deep and whole. It reminds you that you're linked in that still moment, to the beginning of time. It has that eternal feel about it. Sometimes, silence is a slap on the face. A gross act of retaliation. Nothing short of violence.

Mumbai's aftermath is a grating silence. The calm after the storm, so to speak. A symbol of shocking numb. The city is at a standstill. The problem with each of these varying kinds and degrees of silence is not in their base intentions or the reactive nature with which it may have begun. It is when silence is taken as a reason to point fingers and when it is seen as a weakness by those who will manipulate the space thus cultivated by it. It happens in the most petty instances. Politicians move in where there is panic, hoping to garner support for the next election. Other's with selfish intent use the space for silence as a tool to nurture their grab-all mentality.

In most cases thats what it comes down to; this warring for space and the right to impose ideals and ideologies on the world at large comes from a twisted kind of scarcity-consciousness. The mines-mines-mines mentality of the voyeuristic me-me-me.

Like I said, it happens in grave situations, and it happens in the most petty instances. Sometimes hundreds of lives are affected; other times only one or two. But it happens. And it hurts. It really does.

I don't know much about crisis management. And I have yet to fully embrace constructive grieving processes and networks of support. But I know this much: People who have that scarcity consciousness, who imagine that they should feel threatened by a particular status quo and who feel righted to upturn it in grossly violating ways, need to be weeded out from the thriving gardens of spirit and humanity that the rest of the conscious world wishes to cultivate.

And a momentary silence doesn't mean defeat; or admonishment. It is a moment to reflect. A time to grieve, and a reason to stand together and create those shifts in consciousness and infrastructure that will secure the future.

Silence isn't 'doing nothing'. It is healing. The calm before a revolutionary storm. At some point, all hypocrisy must die. Enough is enough. Eventually, only whats real will preside. The winds of change will make certain of it.


Anonymous said...

Well said!


greengeisha said...

I guess in some cases, Silence really is the best reply to a Fool :(

greengeisha said...

In terms of Mumbai, well the Fools who ransacked the place must pay. Else they going to make all these half-baked assumptions and eventually we see war on the subcontinent.

Whats this world coming to!

Btw, I read Shobhaa De's posts! Angry but superb comments from the battlefield hey!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Yea, GG..

Listened to Shobhaa on NDTV- she called for the Home Ministers resignation!!! Thats the kind of voice thats needed... and she of course condemns Modi for coming in and looking for political clout by handing out bags of money to the distressed ppl... It screams 'Buying Votes Now: Please Q Here!'

Heres her weblog for any who want to read it... should be on my blog roll, i read her everyday!
Last three posts are
Cry my Beloved City,
Enough is Enough (To quote NDTV)
& Wake up Mumbai!

greengirl said...

hello slow-coach

your offer expired! gg is back, babe! i wrote a new one!!! hehe ;)

Azra said... darling Shafs...

You are 100% right...the silence is part of the healing. Taking those moments to reflect and process the reality of the atrocities the city has suffered. It's emotionally exhausting. And the only comfort is silence.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

gReEn... u let the cat out the bag, i c...

exhaustion is the precursor to replenishment phase... and then onto greater things! such is the cycle of life... here's to renewed life for cities like Mumbai... and the insistence that the powers that be eradicate weak spots and protect the innocent: like they should be doing!

Crimson Shimmer said...

loved reading this
thank you :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hey luqmaan...

always glad to inspire a fellow artist such as you are :)