Wednesday, December 03, 2008

i am you, alright...

you are

that fresh breeze
playing with the curls in my hair,

that tinge of sunlight that
leaves gold dust on my skin,

that rustle in the wind
of the grasses before
the summer rains...

that dainty twitter
of love birds
meeting each other after
a time.

you are
that moonlight
dancing on the surface
of a crystal pond,

that gleam in the
gems that glisten on
my earlobes...

that sound of
life just awakening
to its wholeness.

you are.

i am.

and i am you.

but you are.


Nooj said...

i like the dainty twitter of birds
mucj less awkward than what we go thru :P

greengirlisindubai said...

ooooooh. nice.

M Junaid said...

reminds me of something I wrote on my blog two years ago (yours is cooler)

I am
You are
We had
What now?

I lost
That night.
My pride
Our light

My heart
Was yours
My words
Your world

Your words
My world

I are
You am
What had
We now?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ nooj: awkward is unavoidable... :P

@ gg: what u doin in dubai??

@ mj: i love the one you wrote! lyrical rythmic and deep in its simplicity. thanks for sharing :)