Monday, January 19, 2009

belief, trust and process

I am in need of one of those magic potions that will keep me astride the latest developments, and all pepped up with the vitamins of good and glorious. Okay, what I mean to say is that what with all the hype of my new writing project, I am in constant need to replenish the energies of enthusiasm and to find myself the inspiration I need to dive into it.

*Deep Breath*

The new project is about to begin. I got a call to set the ball rolling late last week. And so, I am about to take that nose-dive into the refreshing waters of an exciting research project that has already got me meeting some fascinating types. My world is about to merge with an underworld of veterans and newbies; spies of old, turned fruitsellers and ex-pats nostalgic for the dust of days gone by.

Of course, colliding with that novel that I have been pretending to write, means that the overlaps will prove to be an interesting challenge for me. And there's no rush to get anywhere, anytime as per diary and stop-watch. No guilt about words that won't happen. No anxiety about the project being compromised. I am just being one with the words and being pulled along by the current from which they flow.

I believe in process; I trust the ability for things set in motion to make their way along a vine of growth and contention and more growth.

So they will happen together; my rainbow of things, side by side. And together, they will merge on this canvas of newness.

PS: This post represents the inauguration of the new baby. I will do a separate post on it in a few days when I can get back to the blogs. Cheerio till then. S.


Nooj said...

process process process
i repeat it like a mantra
i wish i had the guts to come with u :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...


Anonymous said...

i am humming it....
but when do i stop shafz?
be back soon. miss ya

KimyaShafinaaz said...

mwah seher... those kaanch-ka-churiya makes me think u go around with a tinkle and a glimmer of colour :)

...they are glass, right? i have glass ones from my trip to agra last year; but i wear them sparingly...

The Organ Harvester said...

it comes to you when it comes to you. dont force it, because like constipation, if you push too hard, there'll just be shit all over the place.

greenchilligal said...

It's happening! In time, and trusting process. It's a pity that the novel takes a back seat for now though. All the very best to you my sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Nature has its own process and we all have to follow it no matter we like it or not.
Enjoy & Best-Wishes !

KimyaShafinaaz said...

OH: erm, thanks :) graphic sense, that!

GC: hey hotstuff! mwah to you! hmm... i can officially say i lead a double life now ;)

Hobo: thanks for the visit and the sweet words; say hey to Mumbai for me... I miss India insatiably.. Tell her I said that! :)