Saturday, February 07, 2009

so fickle, these five senses...

There are people who scatter around me;
Some in mock haste; others ambling, perhaps

But I see them not..
feel them not...
so closed off is this abstract nearness,
so fickle, these five senses...

Then there is You so distant in time and space;
but all the while, right here beside me...
with me, around me,

a fragrance, an energy, some words...
a voice.. a name... a being...

a necessary delight.

I am filled. Emptied.

But filled. Again.


I want these words to stop.

They waste so much!

Spilling about careless,
These drops float in the water
Of life around me.

All I want is to submerge myself;
To drown
In a sea of voices
That make flirtation
An art...

And art, a devastation
Of something


Anonymous said...

i quiver with a passion so right!
i wish i could deliver my might!
i love the way you weave your words
i love it all!

the five senses and the womanly sixth... yumminess!
i can hear see touch smell taste and even have an intution of how perfect a being you are!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

seher-jiiii... i knew u were lurking abt here somewhere when i saw u update at twitter... :)

now, if u were a guy, i'd say that was some hectic flirtation! hmm... quite the artiste m'lady!

lol. thanks for ur kind words.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

important note: of course, i have good intentions... but i cnt claim to be perfect... seher ur way too kind!

Anonymous said...

hahaha aint i the devil always there for a whisper ;)

i aint kind Shafz.. i m highly addicted to your words [if not you :P] i cant seem to get enuf ever. my senses like savorin on it one at a time :D

Saaleha said...

Hmm, Shafs, you have quite the fan. beautiful painting. I'm glad for all my frinds who drag the words out. Because they wreak havoc in your mind. I know :P

Azra said...

Beautiful as always miss Shafs :D

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Seher, u make me *blush* :)

lol..thanks! i need to take some of this appreciative energy and be inspired to write more... dua's required!

Saaleha.. awesome to see you around again.. hope ur writings are flowing..

Azra! sweet lady... mwah!

hmm.. how about a relay of poetics? ;)