Friday, February 06, 2009

look at the fisherman...

"You're a fish in the trap of the body;
look at the fisherman, don't look at the net.
Gaze in wonder at the infinite rose garden,
don't consider that thorn that wounded your foot.
Contemplate the Bird of Heaven whose shadow shelters you,
don't look at the crow that escaped your hands.
Put your trust in Him who gives life and ecstacy;
don't mourn what doesn't exist, cling to what does."



Anonymous said...

true true
why be mournful for that which is not in hand,
why not just celebrate the survival in the land?
why not find pleasure in the graps of life?
why be a retard and bow to cowardice?

greengirl said...

seher, i am a fan of your writings!

shafs, the rumi is spot on!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

seher-ji i love it!!! :)

its the makings of lyrics..

hi green-one :P

Anonymous said...

When you read Rumi's poetry, it really mesmerizes you. Unfortunately he has not received the same attention in the Muslim world what he received in the West.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hi dubaiguy...

perhaps so... but still... his reach and energy cannot go unnoticed :)

Anonymous said...

greengirl!!! :D
i have a green light in my eyes and it makes me looks naughty and nice ;)
hugs! thanks

and SHAFZ...
HUGSSSSSSS!!! it is you who actually helps me UNROLL!!

Nooj said...