Monday, March 30, 2009

bits of broken glass

bits of broken glass
lie in bitter crystals,
odds of life
that were never had
accept in the flowing
lines of milk
that look like
a snorters envy
if u don't look carefully...

bits of glass
scattered on
the porcelain floor
were once a part of
something grand;
the pride of the
the finery of the
lady of the house.

now fluted crystal
lies abandoned;
lacking arrogance,
reeling along
a shiny surface,
looking innocent
but lurking;
waiting for
bare footed carelessness
to trample over glittery specks-
now vengeful,
to reclaim
the blood and sweat
of it's maker.

bit's of glass
once fit for the mantle
are now turning to dust;
bit's of glass
once found joy in
grandiose delusion
are returning, home
to You.


Zahera said...

I like it.

Nooj said...

dust to dust :)
magnificent shafs

greengirl said...

the tinkle of glass is a sign of good and/or bad, but you got a way of making it all look pretty!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thank you pretty ladies!

@zahera: hey sis, i havnt seen u around these parts in ages; must be the two men in ur life keeping ur heart and hands filled :)

@nooj: hey sweets:) thanks; ur reading of my stuff always amazes me. u get it! u always do...

@gg: ur my ultimate cheerleading squad. i shud bottle u :P

Azra said...

Blogger wont let me post :/

But very nicely done :)

Anonymous said...

why do i feel the clink in my heart?
is it that magic dust again?
yes yes, that is exactly that and it makes me jump for joy!
i sound mad?
i am! i am!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

desi gal:? lol... yep. ur mad! im thrilled for you! lol *sigh*

thanks for making me smile :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

lady azra hiiiiii :P