Thursday, March 19, 2009

bringing me 'home'

crash over reason

my deepest anxieties
by the movements not of water
and moon dancing wanton,
but of shifting tectonic plates
far below the
usual realm of

Waves crash
over anything remotely

I am. And I am no more.

Content confusion a sacred state almost.
Confused contention a place to
sit and twiddle thumbs
on a fancy laptop
with no
mouse for company.

Just a burning wrist
fit for the chiropractors
wringing of his own two;
wrists and palms
and teeth, one ivory and one gold.

Spontaneity drowned
in that exchange.
Only more to contend with,
oceans of reason and un-reason
and some pain;
a meddlers chair to sit in
while wrists do their work
on my own.

And a ream of paper waiting
to be branded with
ink and words and someone elses dreams, dashed.

More waves, crashing on the shore
of newer contemplations...

Bringing me home
to simple content
and the space of knowing
that there is
no coincidence...

Only Plan.

For He is the Best;
the Planner.

I can take rest.


Azra said...

Those crashing waves are That anxiety is not, all too familiar emotions :P

Such talent on a keyboard :D

Anonymous said...

now that is what i call reliance and after every anxiety that strikes me, i look up and say 'sometimes i just gotta leave it to you :)'

greengirl said...

You have supreme talent!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thanks ladies...

azra..hmm.. ur the island girl so crashing waves would be dreamy, of course ;)

seher: thts the best way; the only way... and a great feeling to finally reach that point of release and trust.

gg: thanks hun!

Anonymous said...

i envy you!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

lol. don't. :)

Saaleha said...

stunning! But that is nothing new, hey?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thanks saaleha :)
i think its time i made my way to a certain bakery... but it really takes making... i hardly write here, these days...
iA, soon...