Friday, May 22, 2009


posts can be writ in so many flavours at different times of the day and night. i find that i write my most rambling posts at these oddish hours of the morning, when all i can hear is the baby from next door whimpering and then bawling its eyes...

my brother asked me something this evening at the supper table: he said, shafs how do u manage to stay awake at night? i didn't think too long for the reply: i am awake at night. in the same way that people are awake during the day. i need to re-form my sleep cycle, especially for the winter months. its freezing. anyway this writing manuscript and editing thing has got me turned around to a whole nocturnal living and i rarely make breakfast the first meal of the day. so the family has been complaining a bit. time to lose my night watch status and re-learn the art of normal sleep time. time to enjoy the gift of night-time sleep.

regarding gifts and being gifted, life lessons need be seen as gifts. that's what dear friend S just said to me. so in that case i consider myself lucky on many counts. im going to reach into my vault of 'gifts' every now and again just in case i forget to be grateful :)

this is an arb post. another one that is. i wonder if it is that im not quite taking this writing thing seriously. or that im relegating the SoApBoX to its original state of being the reflective Dear Diary space that it began as.

so many memories at this hall of famous words and nonsensical ramblings. so much mud flung alongside spray cans of wonder. so much more reasons documented in appreciation for myriad things. i feel a poem coming on. lol. or not.

currently listening to a madeenah nasheed. (little bro just gifted me with a new nasheed mp3-cd of some 300 items) i want to go there. to madeenah. where soul cravings speak a different language. and are thus quenched.

im content tonight. even though im rambling... im content.

Allah Knows...


The Organ Harvester said...

If I could I would change my work day to begin at around 7pm and then I would be productive. I like winter and nighttime. its the best time to work and write and you have the benefit of being able to hear yourself think.

AD said...

and contentment is the place we always wanna eside.
i wish i could also switch my work time and sleep time but then who can argue God's reason for the way it is.

somethings are just too perfect and we imperfect creations always find the place to poke our nose!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hearing myself think is scary sometimes. lol. too many voices, i tell ya! ;)

well.. i havnt had a proper 'job' in almost a year, since i left UKZN. i amble my way thru the writer's world and pretend to write. and i love it, of course! drama is so my thing!!! (and writing, too, just btw)

imperfection will always be the greatest motivation for me to keep on poking me nose, seher! :)))
Allah is my Guide..
here's hoping that contentment, is a state we can always return home to, no matter where we go searching for inspiration and adventure...

Azra said...

I wish I could afford to be a night owl. I love the evenings.

But yeah, it can get too need some kind of rest.

I think the rest you need is not so much's like your soul needs it. Maybe I'm just talking shit again :P