Sunday, June 28, 2009

overwhelming evidence

There is ample evidence of beauty in this world.

I see it in the face of my two year old niece, Madeeha. Madeeha's name means 'praiseworthy', and I am most certain that the starting point of beauty is to be found in innocence. We look to find evidence of an obvious aesthetic presence, but Beauty also exists as a glaze over our vision; a tool of choice that allows us to scan the world with an eye for appreciating all that it has to offer.

People are beautiful in their attempts to glorify themselves; physically, spiritually, and often grandiosely. And some are beautiful in the inescapable sadness that they are shrouded in. Some choose silence as a companion and in that is a surreal beauty if not an obvious one. Beauty can be haunting and erudite or it can be impassioned and glaring; often all at the same time, for there is nothing that encapsulates the human experience more finitely than the multitude of emotions and experiences that occur as a pot of melting, blending colours all at the same time.

Its been a while since I wrote in a way that almost reads like cryptology.
This is not cryptic, only reflective. Nor is it an overdose of sugar, only part of many new thoughts being realised. There is beauty in good, and a strange beauty in the not so good. Acts of humanity are acts of admirable beauty. Crafts. Murder, too is a craft. And craft is beautiful in many ways. But then is evil beautiful as well? Or is it that any act of the human being is purely beautiful?

It may begin at innocence... but where does it stop? Or does it?


AD said...

in the boggled brains i have been keeping lately i can still make sense of what you say.

my a-z blog post will be back on a later date.

right now the most imp thing to post was my current frame of mind.

beauty... i prefer to be un qualified!

Sana Ebrahim said...

the circle of life.. good - evil - good..

i guess it's very much a humbling process..

trusting that whatever happens will be for the best

as the saying goes: Hindsight is 20/20 vision

PS U have such a way with words, kimmy!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

the a-z post got me rushing to ur blog :P please do let me know when or if you do repost?

sana... back to our email chat m'lady :)

Nooj said...

To me I would call it fascinating. Beautiful is reserved for Innocnence like Madeeha but once it reaches Awareness it is fascinating yet can become very very ugly

AD said...

hey i just reposted it :)

click Here to go there

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@nooj... is ugly the opposite of beauty? i wonder about that - based on all the conditions and factors that the market seems to presuppose :P

@ AD: thanks lady.. will check it out later fer sure! :))