Thursday, July 09, 2009

To Blog

Of course, just as it is with every motivated thing in life, there are reasons to blog. And there are reasons not to blog. And then there is just plain old non-reason. Not in a do-not-care kind of way, but rather in a just-not way.

Blogging is writing in a way that puts words out on a fluttering flag of sorts; a piece of fabric flaps in the wind, tied to a fickle post, without the guarantee that it will stay there, but in the meanwhile holding on for dear life. At some point it always tugs just beyond that sane disposition that we give it due. The force of pull and stay and the fight with wind and calm is an orchestra that brings both life and wear and tear to a simple piece of cloth, with strangely painted war art that gives it just a small token of belonging. Why? Because in symbols we find meaning and closeness. And a sense that this is home, in all its dreary plainness. And in all its wonder, too, of course.

I think that blogging is far more forgiving than the world of print media will ever be, and I think that short sentences are like drops of lemon on honey, made for flu-ish days. And I also think that grammatical errors are little rebellions from the artists creative pen. And of course, finally, long windy sentences are like taking a road trip and discovering oh-so-many wonderful things.

The scenic route is misunderstood. We should take more of them :)

Here's to loving being at home and here's to traveling to incredible new places and also to those long sentences that transport us between them. I missed them.


KiLLa said...

Blogging is to help alleviate boredom..

Anonymous said...

i blog to vent .... share .... be... express, etc, but mostly cos... i wanna hear what my friends / fellow bloggers think of my written ramblings.... you know.... i am cos u are.... kinda stuff... : )

Dreamlife said...

Tagging on to the "world of print" bit: I don't like print media sometimes - mostly because of word limits. I find them constraining - yet they do serve good effect sometimes, especially when the writer lacks conciseness (as I often do).

Blogging serves many purposes, and one important purpose is it gives you the testing ground to publish your stuff and get feedback, in a way that's more interactive than simply sharing your work with others privately.

Speaking of "rebellions", I recently learnt about an intriguing method called "Constrained writing" - where the writer imposes certain strange rules for their work. Like, someone wrote a whole novel without using the letter "e". I guess that's what writers do when they're bored...or need a new challenge ;)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hi mo. it shows hey. mostly on ur blog that is :P

cc: hi hun! i blog, i am, we are. lol... mwah!

dl: without e???? thats a drought, not a challenge! ;)

Anonymous said...

A line from back in the day. all bloggers are wannabe writers.

AD said...

i blog because i m loved so much
and it is the way i express... especially when i cant act more :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thanks OH... i am, i am. i wana stop pretending and be a writer!!! :P

seher: blog love to u for showing the love in your writings ;)))

Azra said...

Hey Miss KS :)

I think bottom line, I enjoy writing. Its how I express myself. Me thinks I shall write a book or three someday soon.

May we always be blessed with your long sentences :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

THanks Ms Azra the jetsetter ;)

I wait with bated breath for the day in the nearest future that I can read one of your publications! Mwah :)